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Bo Buchanan's Ladies

Bo falls in love with Delilah Ralston, but their romance comes to a halt after Bo’s mother confesses on her deathbed that Yancy Ralston is Bo’s real father, not Asa Buchanan. Before the dust can settle on the kissing cousins’ relationship, Asa marries Delilah and Bo finds comfort with Becky Lee Abbott, who becomes pregnant with their son Drew. Soon after, Delilah and Bo find out that they aren’t related and get married. The union ends in divorce in 1984.

Bo marries Didi O’Neill after taking a break from being a Buchanan and working at the Lord-Manning factory. Didi is electrocuted during a hostage situation and dies in Bo’s arms in 1988.

Bo falls in love with and marries Sarah Gordon, the sweet sister of his fiery FRATERNITY ROW heroine, Megan, but Sarah is kidnapped by mobster Carlo Hesser shortly thereafter and presumed dead.

[Note: Bo was the executive producer of FRATERNITY ROW , a soap opera produced in Llanview.]

Bo marries Dorian Lord’s daughter, Cassie Callison, but still can’t let go of Sarah…especially when she turns up alive! Bo and Cassie have their marriage annulled after Bo is unable to stay away from Sarah despite his best efforts to remain true to his wife.

Sarah is killed by a hit-and-run driver on the day of her remarriage to Bo.

Attorney Nora Gannon helps Bo through his grief. The two get engaged and Bo stays by Nora’s side as she deals with a brain tumor and being stalked by her client Todd Manning. They marry in 1995 with Little Richard officiating as they dance down the aisle.

Determined to have a baby with Bo, Nora shacks up with old flame Sam Rappaport in a cabana after Sam’s ex-wife, Lindsay alters test results regarding Bo’s fertility. After little Matthew’s birth, Nora discovers that Bo can still father children, but Lindsay pays off a lab tech so Matthew’s DNA will match Sam’s. Bo and Nora divorce and he turns to a victorious Lindsay for comfort. On his wedding day to Lindsay, Nora reveals to Bo that Lindsay altered his fertility tests. Bo walks out on Lindsay without knowing she’s pregnant with his child. Lindsay miscarries after a confrontation with Nora.

Bo falls for Lindsay’s sister, Dr. Melanie MacIvor, who is keeping a tragic secret: she helped her terminally ill father die. Viewers learn that Lanie’s unstable ex-husband Colin has been keeping a presumed dead Nora drugged and locked up at Lindsay’s request. As Lindsay and Colin’s actions become public and Nora is revealed to be alive, Lanie becomes desperate to keep Bo and lies about having leukemia. Her blood test results come back on the eve of her wedding to Bo and he calls things off.

Bo finds himself drawn to the free-spirited Gabrielle Medina. Gabrielle finds a letter from Sam revealing that Bo is Matthew’s real father and struggles over telling him and possibly losing him to Nora and Matthew. He forgives her for hiding it and the two finally find happiness. But, when Gabrielle’s son Al contracts a fatal infection and dies, a despondent Gabrielle grows apart from Bo and begins drinking. As the new year dawns, she and Bo make their way back to one another and he proposes. Just as things are looking up for the couple, Gabrielle is strangled to death by the Music Box Killer. Alone once more, Bo throws himself into his work.

Bo casually dates doctor Paige Miller as he and his ex-love Nora maintain an uneasy friendship for the sake of their son Matthew. Bo can’t seem to forgive Nora for her indiscretion with Sam…or stay out of her life.

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