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Bo and Hope Timeline

Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso have proved they’re a supercouple with staying power. Since premiering on DAYS OF OUR LIVES back in 1983 as Bo and Hope, they’ve been captivating audiences with their portrayal of a blue-collar guy and his upperclass gal. The trials and tribulations of their complicated love story — from weddings to breakups to babies to baby switches — has endured for more than 20 years.1983 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BABY: After months of flirting with Bo, Hope asked him to be her date for her 18th birthday party and he accepted. The romantic evening — the pair danced to “Tonight I Celebrate My Love for You” — ended in a spat, when Hope dismissed Bo’s gift, a sentimental book of old poetry, and Bo stormed out. Despite Doug and Julie’s protests, Hope followed Bo back to his apartment, where they kissed and made up, and Bo admitted that he loved her. The duo nearly consummated their relationship. That is, until Hope’s father interrupted. 1984 RESCUE ME: Shunning Hope in order to protect her while he investigated the Salem Slasher case, Bo feigned a relationship with his pal, Diane. Rejected and heartbroken, Hope fell into sleazy Larry’s arms and agreed to marry him. On their wedding day, a desperate Bo raced to the church and “kidnapped” the woman he loved, despite Hope’s protests. Together, Bo and Hope took off on his motorcycle and Bo explained all, and, finally, Hope melted into his arms.1984 FEEL LIKE MAKING LOVE: A trip to New Orleans to search for a stolen prism set the stage for adventure and passion for Bo and Hope. When the duo ended up alone together at Oak Alley plantation, they dressed up in period costumes and danced the night away. The evening ended with Bo carrying Hope upstairs to the bedroom, where they made love for the first time. 1985 MATRIMONY AND MAYHEM: The Salem supercouple had a wedding fit for a king and a queen. Grateful that Bo and Hope had helped nab the dreaded Dragon, who was plotting to kill Lady Joanna, British royalty rewarded them with a dream wedding in England. Friends and family flew out for the happy occasion that almost ended with murder. The dastardly Emma tried to assassinate the bride and groom after the ceremony. In the end Shane saved the day, and Bo and Hope ventured off on their honeymoon. 1987 AND BABY MAKES THREE: Having lost their first child to a miscarriage, Bo and Hope were overjoyed when their son, Shawn Douglas, was born. A nervous Bo was right by Hope’s side, coaching her through the delivery. However, shortly after the newest Brady’s arrival, the overwhelmed new dad fainted, straight away.1987 WE’RE OUTTA HERE: Looking for a change of scenery and anxious to fulfill a lifelong dream, former merchant marine Bo purchased a houseboat for his family. After packing their belongings and saying goodbye to their loved ones, Bo, Hope and Shawn set sail on the adventure of a lifetime: a trip around the world.

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