Berris Says Bye-Bye To DAYS

January 15 marks Blake Berris‘s last day in Salem as Nick. Digest caught up with the actor after he wrapped his two-year stint as the Horton offspring.What did you think of your last scenes?

“They were great. It was nice because as of a couple of months ago, the stakes have gotten higher and higher and this was the hearing, so jumping back into it for the last two days was really intense and emotional. It was a cathartic ending.”

What about the storyline as a whole?

“The writing was really real. It didn’t have a melodramatic way about it at all. I was pretty happy throughout my entire storyline with how they handled it. I think it would have been easy for it to come off ridiculous and it didn’t. It was over the course of a week that Nick went from the DUI to okay, Nick is really creepy, but I thought they did a good job and provided a reason for it.”

What was your last day like?

“People came up to me and said some really beautiful things to me. It was a great day.”

What will you miss?

“You get really comfortable. You do become a family. It’s part of being an actor, but all of a sudden, you do these scenes with people like Suzanne [Rogers, Maggie] and you develop a relationship that is somewhat similar to the relationship that you have in real life. After viewing her for so long as a motherly/aunt figure, that’s my association with her, and now I’m leaving Salem. I’m leaving the whole thing. Plus, I will miss the thrill of doing everything so spontaneously. I dug the fast pace and learned a lot about myself as an actor working at that pace as opposed to theater, which is totally the opposite.”

What won’t you miss?

“Wearing so much makeup. Toward the end there, I was like, ‘You know what? I’m in jail. How about nothing, no makeup?’ ”

What will you do next?

“I hope to do some indie films or cool guest stars. It’s a, ‘We’ll see,’ but I have always had an interest in playing darker characters. I’d like to something a little more edgy, a little more out there.”

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