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B&B's Katherine Kelly Lang and Heather Tom Share Their Top Picks

Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke):

Autobiography: “The book next to my bed is Finding My Voice by Mike Reilly. He’s the voice for the Iron Man [triathlon]. It’s about all of his work through the years with Ironman. It’s fantastic. Anybody who loves Ironman should read this book.”

App: “I have found this new app for anyone who rides horses called Equilab. If anybody wants to track their mileage on a horse, it will measure how far you walked, how far you trotted and how far you cantered, and the time and the distance that you did in each of the different gaits of the horse, and then it will track the full mileages. Almost like [the app] Strava, it tracks your path, and shows you exactly where you went on a map. It’s really fun.”

Book: “I like going back to books, like The Four Agreements and The Secret. I like reading self-help books.”

Date Night Movie:The Princess Bride. I love the ’80s, because that’s when those kinds of movies were so big and so powerful. They were just so perfect, the rom-coms of the 1980s. I also recommend Julia Roberts’s first film with Richard Gere, Pretty Woman.”

Fitness Guru: “Brooke Burke Body; she does good Pilates.”

Meal Service: “I’ve tried a few and I really like Sakara Life. It’s mostly plant-based, and it’s really good when you’re in a hurry and you want to grab something, but instead of grabbing something unhealthy, which is usually what happens, it’s super-healthy. It’s good for the waistline and it’s good just for all the health benefits, and I love that.”

Music: “Fleetwood Mac and Tom Petty.”

Podcast:The Gabby Reece Show has interesting things because she’s all about health and nutrition and fitness.”

Sitcom: “SCHITT’S CREEK. I’m watching it now and I love that show. It’s so funny and it’s such a great cast.”

TV Drama: “I love the one that’s shot in Montana, if you want to binge it: YELLOWSTONE. Loved it.”

Heather Tom (Katie):

Streaming Series: “I just finished THE HANDMAID’S TALE. It’s an amazing freaking show, but it’s a hard watch. HACKS is great. TED LASSO is great. RATCHED was interesting; stylistically, it’s gorgeous. And I just binged THE FLIGHT ATTENDANT. I liked it a lot.”

Competition Shows: “My son is obsessed with AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR so we watch that every week. He’s also obsessed with LEGO MASTERS and honestly, I like watching those shows, too. I also love TOP CHEF.”

Cookbooks:Plenty and Plenty More [by London chef Yotam Ottolenghi]. They’re all vegetarian dishes and are really tasty and easy. I just got Bottom Of The Pot, which is filled with really good Persian recipes. Padma Lakshmi has a new cookbook out that’s really good, too [Tangy Tart Hot & Sweet].”

Kitchen Essential: “The most important thing you can do for yourself, if you want to cook, is buy yourself some really good knives. I travel with my knives. I take them with me when we go on vacation. If you don’t have good knives, your cooking experience is going to be a disaster. If you’re going to get a starter set that isn’t totally going to break the bank, because they can be very expensive, Shun has beautiful knives, and so does Global [Cutlery USA]. They will both maintain their blades, and that is the most important thing you can buy yourself if you want to cook — that and pots and pans [laughs].”

Memoirs: “I loved Becoming, Michelle Obama’s book. That was fantastic; Elton John’s [Me] is really great.”

Music: “In our house, we run the gamut, but I would say the theme songs to our quarantine, that I would listen to every night when I’d clean up from dinner, are Billy Joel, Prince, Elton John, Patsy Cline and The Beatles. That’s my after-dinner soundtrack.”