B&B Stars Weigh In On All Things Halloween

Favorite Scary Movie

Barnes: “It’s an old-school one with Julia Roberts and it’s more of a thriller, but Sleeping With The Enemy.”

de Metz:The Shining, or End of Watch — not a horror film but terrifying.”

Novlan:The Strangers, with Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman. Watch it during the day.”

Best Candy

Barnes: “Anything sour.”

de Metz: “Candy corn. Duh!”

Novlan: “Give me Reese’s Pieces.”

Worst Candy

Barnes: “I don’t really like dark chocolate.”

de Metz: “Twizzlers should be outlawed.”

Novlan: “Candy corn. That’s probably a common answer, right? I never get excited for it. I almost said fruit. There’s always that one parent on the block who wants to do that and it’s like, ‘No, thank you.’ ”

Favorite Pumpkin Dish

Barnes: “Pumpkin pie. Totally.”

de Metz: “Pies.”

Novlan: “I love pumpkin pie. It’s the best.”

Spookiest Sound

Barnes: “All of it on a scary movie soundtrack: the creaking door, the footsteps, all of it.”

de Metz: “Dogs that sound like small children when they bark.”

Novlan: “My first instinct is the creaking door.”

My Best Halloween Costume Ever

Barnes: “One year I went as Boo from Monsters, Inc. That was a comfortable costume.”

de Metz: “In high school, I once dressed up as an average high-schooler. I used to dress like Derek Zoolander for school.”

Novlan: “Last year, I was an avocado. [Daughter] Poppy, [wife] Kayla [Ewell, ex-Caitlin, B&B] and I were a family of avocados and that was really memorable for us, because it was Poppy’s first Halloween.”

Costume Philosophy: Instantly Recognizable Or More Obscure?

Barnes: “Either is fine. Don’t mind that.”

de Metz: “Obviously semi-obscure — gotta keep ’em thinking.”

Novlan: “I like something recognizable [and] I like when people think outside the box.”

Buy A Costume Or Make One?

Barnes: “It depends on how busy I am that week. If I don’t have the time, then buy.”

de Metz: “I hope they’ll just be given to me by Tom Ford or Roberto Cavalli or whomever. Isn’t that what happens when you’re on TV [laughs]?”

Novlan: “No, you’ve got to make one.”

Host A Party Or Go To One?

Barnes: “Go to one. Much easier.”

de Metz: “I have a policy against planning more than six hours ahead.”

Novlan: “I do like hosting but I’d rather go to the Halloween party. You don’t have to worry about people who overstay.”

Haunted Houses: Sign Me Up Or Skip ’Em?

Barnes: “Skip ’em.”

de Metz: “Lock me in the attic.”

Novlan: “I really like them. They’re fun. We’re so lucky; the ones here [in CA], like Knott’s Scary Farm and the one they do at Universal, they kill it. We don’t have that in Canada. Somebody needs to do it that. It’s so fun.”

Pets In Costumes: Yay Or Nay?

Barnes: “Yay. I think it’s cute. I love seeing cute little Halloween costumes on dogs or cats.”

de Metz: “Oh, leave the poor animals alone.”

Novlan: “I’m on the fence with this but yeah, go ahead and have fun, as long as the pet is okay with it. Yay.”

Couples Costumes: Yay Or Nay?

Barnes: “I’ve never done a couples costume, so undecided [laughs].”

de Metz: “Hard nay. I did it once and it was cute — but hard nay.”

Novlan: “Yes. I love couples costumes. They’re so fun. Definitely yay.”