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B&B Stars Look Back On Their School Days

Favorite subject

Brooks: “Math and Science and French and Spanish.”

Saint-Victor: “Graphic Art.”

Sofer: “Nothing.”

Least favorite subject

Brooks: “English. I hated reading, which is ironic because I have to read scripts for a living.”

Saint-Victor: “Math.”

Sofer: “It was a class called The Gemara, which is the rabbi’s interpretation of the Bible, and it was an hour-and-a-half long every single day.”

Favorite extracurricular activity

Brooks: “Surfing and music. I played in several bands. I played drums, guitar, bass and sang in different ones.”

Saint-Victor: “Running track.”

Sofer: “I didn’t have any. But in my senior year, I started modeling so I was going into New York a lot and that was my favorite thing.”

Favorite school supply

Brooks: “Elmer’s Glue, so I could pour it over my hand and peel it off.”

Saint-Victor: “Back-to-school clothes. Looking fly was a necessity.”

Sofer: “I loved the Trapper Keeper.”

Class clown or teacher’s pet?

Brooks: “Come on … Do you even know me at all?”

Saint-Victor: “Class clown.”

Sofer: “Neither.”

School portrait: Frame it, burn it or post it online?

Brooks: “I’ve already burned them all. You’ll never find it!”

Saint-Victor: “Frame it, but leave it with my parents.”

Sofer: “Burn it.”

Detention: Rarely, regularly or never?

Brooks: “Come on … Do you even know me at all? I charmed myself out of it every time.”

Saint-Victor: “Never.” Sofer: “My school never did detention.”

Study ahead or cram for a test?

Brooks: “Cram if I needed to but because everything they said in the class was on the test, I didn’t really need to study.”

Saint-Victor: “Cram.”

Sofer: “I crammed.”

Honor roll or just scraped by?

Brooks: “First year, scraped by. Then my dad said, ‘I’ll give you $20 for every A you get,’ and I graduated magna cum laude.”

Saint-Victor: “Scraped by.”

Sofer: “Scraping by.”

Prom night: A bust or a blast?

Brooks: “Fun. My date didn’t want to go in my VW Bug so I met her there. It was an awesome surfer’s limo!”

Saint-Victor: “Blast.”

Sofer: “It was all right.”

Reunion: Attend or skip it?

Brooks: “I think it’d be fun to catch up! I love that kind of stuff.”

Saint-Victor: “Skipped it.”

Sofer: “Never invited. They said they couldn’t find me.”

Where is your diploma now?

Brooks: “Hell, I don’t know. They still give those things out?”

Saint-Victor: “I have no idea.”

Sofer: “In a box in my garage.”

In high school, my dream career was…

Brooks: “To be a rock star and then, after doing my first play, it was movie star!”

Saint-Victor: “To be an actor.”

Sofer: “I wanted to be a veterinarian but I knew it was never attainable.”