B&B February Preview

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL Executive Producer/Head Writer Bradley Bell teases what’s ahead.

Hope/Liam/Steffy/Finn: “The heartache, betrayal, and question of whether Steffy and Liam will ever be able to move apart from each other have occupied Hope and Finn’s thoughts and their hearts every day. February will bring answers, but Steffy and Finn’s paternity test results will dictate everyone’s fate. If the baby is Finn’s, Hope will still have to decide [if she wants] to save her marriage. If the baby is Liam’s, both Hope and Finn will be irrevocably upended.”

Thomas: “Thomas, feeling guilty for having been the catalyst that started the domino effect, has been by Hope’s side to console her. But there may be other, unknown forces in play pulling the puppet strings of everyone involved.”

Brooke/Ridge: “Brooke and Ridge must work hard at not allowing the situation with their children to affect their marriage. Ridge is heartbroken for Steffy and her situation and remains a constant source of strength and support for Steffy during this time. Ridge and Brooke have seemingly stood the test of time. Will this be the event that finally unspools them?”

Zende/Zoe/Carter/Paris: “Things get heated in February between Zoe and Paris. Disappointed and dismayed by Zoe’s disrespect for Carter, Paris aligns with Ridge to ensure that Carter’s heart remains intact. Zoe’s dalliance with Zende may cost her more than just her relationship with Carter, as her future at Forrester Creations is now on the line.”

Bill/Katie: “Bill has bared his soul to Katie. Vowing to do better, Bill asks Katie for one more chance. Bill seeks counsel from his son Wyatt. He also goes to the one person that has also caused Katie immeasurable pain: Brooke. In a beautiful moment, the Logan sisters come together and speak of love, hope, forgiveness and family.”

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