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THE BAY Casting Change!

Paul Satterfield ABC

Paul Satterfield (ex-Spencer, OLTL et al) is replacing Joe Lando (ex-Jake, OLTL et al) on the online soap THE BAY. "Joe Lando is a wonderful seasoned actor," states Gregori J. Martin, THE BAY’s creator and executive producer. "We tried everything we could to keep him on board, but unfortunately his heart just wasn't with the project. We are very saddened by his decision to leave the show and wish him the best." Satterfield, who will play Lee, will begin taping scenes with Mary Beth Evans (Sara, THE BAY; Kayla, DAYS) on September 23. "Lee is a very essential character in our storyline," Martin continues, "and when Joe decided THE BAY wasn't for him, we had to find the perfect replacement. We're very excited to have Paul Satterfield join our phenomenal cast. We hope it‘s an easy transition for THE BAY fans and supporters, and that Joe‘s fans remain with the show to watch Paul slip into Lee‘s shoes." Current and past webisodes of THE BAY, FAR FROM THE BAY and the CONFESSIONS series can be viewed here.

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