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Apprentice 3 Update #7

Did a “weak link” “survive” the boardroom? That was the question (bringing to mind two other game shows) when Net Worth’s Audrey returned to the suite in the March 3 APPRENTICE episode. Mentally pained, and feeling mistreated and disrespected, she shouted at John and cried about her difficult life as others tried to calm her. This is clearly not a couple of “Okay, one of us is gone. What’s the next task?” teams — they have more issues than a newsstand.

Settling down, each of the teams had to design and operate a miniature golf course at Manhattan’s Chelsea Piers. Sounds like fun, huh? Well…golf has been called a good walk spoiled.
Audrey threw in her hat as Project Manager, and after she fought for the position, she took charge of a circus course. Magna’s leader Stephanie had her tighter team immediately and admirably shut NW out of promoting their site inside the Piers.

While NWers dressed as circus clowns, and tobacco-chewing clown Chris scared some kids, Magna placed every animal on Earth in its safari course. Who wouldn’t like to go through a safari with giraffes, zebras and a bull?

Net Worth dropped the ball once again, taking in less green than Magna. “Mom” Angie supported her PM until the blame-everyone Audrey brought Angie into the boardroom, along with the team’s other marketers, John and Craig. The trio put a hole in Audrey’s defense, sending her bouncing out of the boardroom and into her taxi.

Five candidates are left on each team. Check this space next Friday, March 11, for the latest scoop on NBC’s hit reality show, as the teams undergo a “corporate restructuring”!

APPRENTICE 3 Candidate Update

NET WORTH (the “Street Smarts” team)

•Angie, 41, Lake Balboa, Calif., gym franchise owner
•Audrey, 22, Salt Lake City, real estate agent FIRED IN EPISODE 7
•Brian, 29, Wildwood, N.J., real estate broker FIRED IN EPISODE 2
•Chris, 22, Las Vegas, real estate investor
•Craig, 37, Conley, Ga., shoeshine business owner
•John, 32, Tampa, Fla., technology firm owner
•Kristen, 31, Los Angeles, real estate financier FIRED IN EPISODE 4
•Tana, 37, Des Moines, Iowa, sales executive
•Tara, 28, New York City, senior government manager FIRED IN EPISODE 6

MAGNA CORP. (the “Book Smarts” team)

•Alex, 29, Seattle, prosecutor
•Bren, 32, Memphis, Tenn., prosecutor
•Danny, 39, Boston, marketing technology firm owner FIRED IN EPISODE 3
•Erin, 26, Philadelphia, attorney
•Kendra, 26, Boynton Beach, Fla., real estate broker
•Michael, 25, Boston, real estate developer FIRED IN EPISODE 5
•Stephanie, 29, San Diego, supply chain consultant
•Todd, 34, Carlsbad, Calif., sales manager FIRED IN EPISODE 1
•Verna, 31, Seattle, business manager QUIT IN EPISODE 3

SOAP OPERA WEEKLY’s Predictions for the Final Four (two are still in):
Alex: His theology and Latin degrees alone reveal his impressive mind, and his solid speaking — and lobbying — skills will please Trump.

Brian: He’s got the creativity and business acumen, having made a million from selling glow-in-the-dark necklaces.

Kendra: This entrepreneur and talk radio show host may prove to be one of the most resourceful and dedicated players.

Tara: Watch this one — her NYC know-how and heavy management experience should keep her on the successful side.

The dark horses: lively Angie and tough Bren!

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