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AMC's Minshew Not Moving On Just Yet

Alicia Minshew Bergman

Though Alicia Minshew's recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter made it sound like her tenure as AMC's Kendall was sure to end with the show's ABC bow on September 23, the actress tells Digest that she has now been approached by Prospect Park and is in talks with them. "I don't want anyone to think that I would ever give up on the show,” she says. "I mean, if I just walked away and said, 'No, thank you,' to Prospect Park, that would be one thing, but what I've said is, 'I am open to being a part of this, if you can make it work for me and my family.' Nothing has been worked out with me yet; we're trying to figure things out and figure out what is going to work out best for me given that at some point, I have to return to the East Coast," where her husband Richie Herschenfeld's businesses are based. "My agent has been telling them, 'Listen, forget about any interview about, "She wants to move on to other things." What it boils down to, really, is what is going to be best for Alicia and her family. Does she want to be a part of it? Yes. Can you make this work for her and her family? We don't know.' So that's what we're talking about."

And those discussions are going well, Minshew says. "They are really nice and really smart and they get it. They understand about family, which I love. It's really promising. I have my fingers crossed. I am hopeful that they'll make it work for me and the rest of the Herschenfeld clan."