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AMC Recaps Week of May 23, 2005

Friday, May 27, 2005
Greenlee accused Kendall of lying after Kendall blurted out Ryan’s plans to undergo a vasectomy, insisting that Ryan would never make a decision like that behind her back. Kendall’s advice? “Wake up.” She explained how she came to discover Ryan’s secret — and that Ryan had sworn her to secrecy. Greenlee was stunned, and furious, that Kendall had kept this from her. Kendall tried to defend her actions, but Greenlee wasn’t hearing it and accused Kendall of wanting Ryan for herself. After declaring their friendship kaput, Greenlee tore out of the room.

Ryan was confronted by a vision of Jonathan. He tried to will Jonathan away, but his efforts failed. Jonathan (who has changed hairstyles since dying) taunted Ryan about how he’ll never escape the Lavery curse. Braden and Ryan’s father then appeared as well. “We’re here to stay,” announced his pop. Ryan lashed out at his dad for the abuse he inflicted on his boys and wife and insisted he’d never treat his loved ones in a similar fashion. When all of his relatives started yelling at once, Ryan started to lose it, but was able to get the menfolk to vanish.

Simone and Dani were turned away when they tried to sneak into the private club Ryan has been frequenting. Simone became increasingly concerned that Ryan was cheating on Greenlee and acknowledged to Dani that she intended to tell Greenlee that Ryan is having an affair. Dani said she wouldn’t allow Simone to do so.

Maddie lashed out at Sam for blowing their get-out-of-Pine-Valley plan. Maria broke up their argument and told her kids they were going to work through this as a family, but they had other plans. Maria was horrified when Sam revealed the sexual harassment Maddie had experienced by high schoolers in response to the tabloid reports about Maria’s antics. Maddie wasn’t reassured when Maria swore she and Zach had said their final good-bye, but Maria vowed to do whatever it takes to repair the damage she’d done to their family.

Lily ran into Zach in the pool room down in Florida; she recognized him as the man who didn’t kill the man in the wheelchair and as the guy her boyfriend hates. When Zach explained that he was there because he’d lost something, Lily offered to put her detective skills to use. “You’re a nice girl,” praised Zach. Lily tried to understand what Zach’s expression meant, so she asked him for guidance. Zach ruefully replied that his face was that of a man who’s been wrong about everything his whole life. He then explained to Lily who was on the list of people who hate him: Erica, Sam, Ethan… When Lily asked where Zach went wrong with Ethan, he said he messed up by making a series of bad choices — and confirmed that Ethan hates him even more than Sam does. Lily then led Zach through a parental skills exercise and prescribed unconditional love as the antidote to Ethan’s venom. Zach was moved when Lily handed him a life jacket. In a montage, Zach, Maria, Kendall, Greenlee and Ryan separately nursed regrets over the shoddy state of affairs in their lives.

In the morning, Maria reported to Sam that she’d come up with a plan to mend their situation: Moving out of Pine Valley. Sam wanted nothing to do with her scheme. Maddie paid a visit to her dad’s crypt and vowed revenge against Zach. Zach, meanwhile, showed up at Kendall’s and announced that he’d made an important decision: He’s dropping his suit to regain Cambias. Therefore, he said, if she wanted out of the marriage, he would grant her a divorce.

Reggie took Lily aside for a brother-to-sister chat about Sam and the birds and the bees, but his attempts to convince Lily to stop “practice-kissing” with Sam backfired.

Greenlee surprised Ryan by coming home early. “I know,” she divulged. “Kendall told me what you’re planning to do.” She started to make a plea for him to reverse his decision, but Ryan interrupted her with the news that it was too late: the procedure was done.

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