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AMC Alum Releases Debut Novel

Greta Lind (ex-Katie Kennicott, ALL MY CHILDREN) is celebrating the release of her debut novel, Split Open, which is available for pre-order as an e-book for a mere 99 cents here from now through July 22, when it will go on sale as a paperback on Amazon. Lind describes the book as “a surreal journey that takes a woman down an unexpected path, bringing her fully back to herself” and worked on it “on and off for 20 years.” Its plot was inspired by a memorable event in Lind’s own life. She explains, “Twenty years ago, I stopped an out-of-control school bus as it rolled downhill toward a crowded intersection. I had been feeling disempowered in my everyday life as a stay-at-home wife and mother. I didn’t know who that woman was! She climbed on a runaway bus and without fear or thought grabbed the steering wheel and hit the brakes. I suddenly wondered: Who am I, really? I was in shock for three days. The only way I could make sense of what happened was to write it down. And I kept writing. My debut novel, Split Open, opens with that same scene — then the story took on a life of its own. Never would I have imagined my experience that day would bring me to this present moment. And here we are! As I raised my children, this book kept coming through me. It would knock on my door, speak up if necessary, and even seep into my dreams. I’d write when that happened and then quickly put it back on the shelf. Yet it kept coming back to me. During the pandemic, this work of women’s fiction screamed louder than it ever had—to be born! So, at a time of great fear and uncertainty, I took a huge leap.” She notes, “As women, we often diminish and dismiss ourselves. Life begins to change when we say yes and show up in ways that are beyond what we thought possible…. This novel came through me in a way I didn’t expect. And now it’s here. I feel vulnerable, open, and over the moon to share it with you.” The novel is already receiving rave reviews from Lind’s former AMC co-star Liz Vassey (ex-Emily Ann Sago), who tweeted, “My friend wrote a book! @lind_greta & I were on All My Children & my character tried to, well, stab her with a big knife. Help me make it up to her by pre-ordering her novel for 99 cents HERE. Pre-orders show Amazon this is a title worth promoting!” For more information, visit Lind’s website at

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