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Alyvia Alyn Lind Interview

Alyvia Alyn Lind, who exited the role of Y&R’s Faith to star as Lexy in the upcoming series CHUCKY, set to air on Syfy and USA, admits it was tough leaving the job she landed at the age of 3. “I honestly can’t even talk about leaving Y&R,” she begins. “I definitely can’t talk about saying good-bye to Josh [Morrow, Nick] or Sharon [Case, Sharon] or Cammie [Grimes, Mariah] or Hunter [King, Summer] or Melody [Thomas Scott, Nikki] or Eric [Braeden, Victor] or the crew or anybody!”

Leaving the set for the last time was also tough, she adds. “My last day was so emotional,” Lind recalls. “I was in denial over it for so long and then in the last five minutes it just kind of hit me … and then the floodgates. I’ve been on the show since I was 3. That studio holds a lot of memories for me — my whole life! As sappy as it sounds, my favorite part of Faith has been having this TV family in my life who I’ve always been able to come back to. In a way, they’ve been my stability in a business that’s so unstable. I just really love Faith. She’s had a tough life, but she’s always been surrounded by a supporting, loving family. And because of that love, she has always been a survivor.”

Lind also appreciates Faith’s personal development through the years. “Thanks to the writers, I was given such a great storyline,” she marvels. “Nobody’s perfect and I loved being able to explore Faith’s dark side. And I’m not sure what’s in store for Faith, but I will always believe that deep down, she’s a good person with a good heart. She just strayed off her path for a beat.” The actress says that the scenes where a seriously injured Faith was unconscious while her distraught parents, Nick and Sharon, were at her bedside were especially challenging to shoot. “It was almost impossible not to cry,” Lind shares. “Josh and Sharon make those sad monologues so believable, and while I was lying there, I could feel my eyes getting wet. It was a lot of mind over matter not letting those tears escape!”

Still, there was a lot of weeping when it came time to say good-bye. “Y&R gave me the nicest, most sincere send-off,” Lind smiles. “They are so supportive of their actors when they book other projects, but walking away from my lifelong family was next to impossible. I had a headache for three days from crying so much. But I will never close that door completely in my mind. I’ll come back to Y&R whenever I’m invited! I want to keep in touch with everyone, visit, come back as a long-lost cousin — whatever it takes!”

As for her new gig, which is based on the movie franchise about a demonic doll, Lind notes, “Don Mancini, who is the father of all things Chucky, happened to see me in DAYBREAK on Netflix and somehow saw a little Lexy in Angelica. I think DAYBREAK is really his vibe and after seeing it, he wanted to take a meeting with me.” Which, in Covid times, couldn’t be in person. “Of course, all meetings are on Zoom now, and they’re usually a little awkward,” Lind points out. “But our meeting was so easy and natural. He’s just a great guy and was so excited about the project and the character. I knew when I got off our call that it was meant to be.”

Lexy, reports Lind, is quite different from Faith. “Lexy is like no character I’ve ever played,” she enthuses. “She’s an entitled, arrogant ‘mean girl’ but completely misunderstood. I couldn’t wait to dive into a character who has flaws and does not always do the right thing — although Faith gave me a little practice with that recently!”

Horror films have long been viewing entertainment for the young star because “I have two older sisters and we’ve been watching scary movies since I was 3 years old. They don’t really faze me anymore and I’m a big fan of that genre. They feel like home to me because it’s something I share with my family. I had seen the Chucky movies but I binged all of them again while I was in quarantine in Canada. It’s so different watching a film knowing that you are about to be a part of the story. The Chucky movies have an enormous and devoted following and every character has a long, evolved backstory.”

As she leaves daytime behind, Lind has a final, special shout-out to the Y&R fans. “I want to thank all of them for loving Faith as much as I always have,” she shares. “It’s been a privilege growing up on such an iconic show with the most loyal fans and I feel so blessed to be a member of the best TV family. I’ll never say good-bye to Faith — she’ll live in my heart forever!”