ABC Daytime Chief Speaks Out


ABC Daytime President Brian Frons tells Digest he's optimistic about the future of GH. "I'm feeling quite good about [GH] at the moment," Frons declares. "I think the cast is terrific. I think Garin Wolf, our new head writer, is doing a wonderful job bringing characterization to the forefront and finding nuances in the characters that we haven't examined for a while, so I'm feeling very positive." Regarding the Prospect Park deal to license AMC and OLTL, he says, "I'd like [the fans] to know that everyone who has worked on the shows here at ABC loves the shows, as well. We're encouraged that Prospect Park has come forward to try and keep them alive with a different economic model that's good for them, that wasn't possible for us at ABC." For more, see future issues of Digest and Weekly.

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