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2023 Fall Preview B&B GH Y&R

2023 Fall Preview


“This fall on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, the bedroom and the boardroom take center stage, resulting in surprise romances and a family divided,” says Co-Head Writer Michael Minnis.

Liam/Steffy/Finn: “Steffy is overseas with her children. Finn misses his wife and wants her back. Liam has made it clear that Finn’s inexplicable tie to Sheila is a threat to Steffy, Kelly and Hayes. Liam is determined to keep them safe. Finn is determined not to allow Liam to undermine his marriage, especially since Liam has openly admitted his love for Steffy. These two men both love the same woman. What will Steffy do when she returns?”

Eric/Ridge: “Determined not to be phased out of Forrester Creations, the world-renowned fashion house he built from scratch with his late wife, Stephanie, Eric stands up to Ridge and tells him he is designing one final couture line. Things get complicated when a misunderstanding between Eric, who demands his legacy be honored, and Ridge, who loves and admires his father but wants him to enjoy retirement, quickly spirals. Eric secretly utilizes his grandson, R.J., as his muse and confidant in creating his designs. However, as more people learn of their alliance, the more complicated the situation becomes, with R.J. in the middle. This will be a profoundly emotional story of family, generation versus generation, and long-standing relationships will change dramatically as everyone chooses a side.”

Hope/Thomas: “With Liam refusing to forgive her, Hope embarks on a steamy, romantic relationship with Thomas as they work side by side on her successful Hope For The Future fashion line. Thomas is in love, and while Hope makes it clear that she is not, we wonder if Hope’s feelings will grow and a true bond is made between her and Thomas. This fall, we’ll see Douglas’s impact on both of his parents. Only time will tell if these three will finally become a little family.”

Deacon/Sheila: “Bonded over their life situations, past and the fact that they can’t physically resist each other, Deacon and Sheila continue their relationship. Deacon feels that Sheila is delusional in believing that Finn loves and forgives her for shooting him and Steffy. Sheila remains determined to have a full mother/son relationship with Finn. Worried about losing his relationship with Hope, and his restaurant, Deacon and Sheila ponder ending their relationship. But can they? Or will they grow even closer? Devastated that Steffy’s last encounter with Sheila resulted in her taking the children to Europe, Finn throws himself into his work and attempts to reconcile his conflicted feelings about his birth mother, Sheila. The mother who raised him, Li, quickly gets involved. She lets Finn know he has to go to Europe and get his wife and family back, but not before eliminating the threat of Sheila Carter.”

R.J.: “A new young woman with a secret arrives on the scene and becomes friends with R.J.”


Port Charles is a hotbed of intrigue this autumn.

Sonny/Nina/Michael/Pikeman: Sonny’s life post-arrest affects all of his relationships. The Pikeman threat continues to haunt Sonny. Nina and Sonny take a close look at their relationship and make a big decision with everything happening. The truth about Nina comes out.

Martin/Lucy/Tracy/Brook Lynn: A blast from Martin’s past arrives in town and affects the future of Deception. We will also learn the real reason why Tracy is so invested in Deception.

Mason/Austin/Ava/Cyrus: Ava finds herself in more danger as she learns more about Nikolas.

Carly/Drew: Carly and Alexis will work together to save Drew before he’s done in.

Anna/Val: We will reveal who is behind terrorizing Anna.

Spencer/Trina: Trina and Spencer will finally take their romance to the next level, as Spencer continues to bond more with Ace.

Ned/Eddie: Ned’s past collides with his future. Can his marriage to Olivia survive?

Molly/TJ/Kristina: The surrogacy road for Molly and TJ has complications, and fallout for the Davis girls.

Cody/Sasha/Dante/Sam: Cody, Sam and Dante work together to save Sasha.

Curtis/Portia: Curtis continues to work on his recovery and tries to accept his new reality. Will he and Portia find their way back to each other?

Finn/Liz: Finn and Liz’s relationship is put to the test.

Dex/Joss: Joss is back at school, and also gets involved with Dex’s business. Joss gets closer to a classmate.

Gregory/Chase: Chase will learn about Greg’s ALS battle from an unlikely source.

Felicia/Mac/Cody: Sam learns the truth, that Mac is Cody’s real father, and tries to convince him to tell the truth. Meanwhile, Felicia gets a fresh start in a new career.

Laura/Kevin: Laura returns and the search for Nikolas intensifies.


Expect big drama in Genoa City, according to Executive Producer/Head Writer Josh Griffith.

The Newmans: “The fall season is a time for transformation for the Newmans, as Victor Newman reclaims the throne and rearranges the deck chairs within the Newman empire, most notably appointing his beloved Nikki as CEO of Newman Media. It won’t take Victor long to see he made the right decision when Nikki approaches her new position with a no-nonsense and take-charge attitude. Nikki will soon take a bright and ambitious team member under her wing. Victoria and Adam will also feel the wrath of Victor’s return to Newman when both see their roles drastically change within the company. Adam will divert his attentions to Sally while Victoria will retaliate like never before, taking Nate along for the ride.”

Sharon/Nick/Sally: “Nick and Sharon will work together to find their place in the corporate world, which will test Sally’s patience, which Adam will use to his full advantage.”

The Abbotts: “Meanwhile, at Jabot, Ashley makes an announcement which sends shockwaves through the Abbott family. This fall, Jack and Diane host a lavish wedding reception, which will be the backdrop for shocking drama and romantic encounters. And Billy visits his dark side when he engages in a tug of war with Tucker McCall.”

Phyllis: “Phyllis’s plan of redemption backfires when she forms an alliance that leads to more harm than good. Luckily, someone from her past resurfaces when she needs a friend the most.”

Around Town: “Daniel realizes his unresolved feelings for Heather may jeopardize his relationship with Lily…. Summer may decide to take a ‘Chance’ on a new romance, while Kyle and Audra continue to play with fire…. Abby and Devon navigate a family crisis…. Mariah and Tessa’s love is stronger than ever as they work together to get Aria the best possible care.”