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2022 Fall Preview

Your can’t-miss guide to autumn’s hottest stories!


Executive Producer/Head Writer Bradley Bell reveals what’s in store.

Finn/Steffy: “Reunited and in love, this young couple has it all. But Sheila, who is getting bolder by the moment, has plans of her own. Having already crossed a line that no one thought she would, Sheila has nothing left to lose and everything to gain, leaving Steffy and Finn in danger.”

Brooke/Ridge/Taylor: “Taylor takes Finn and Steffy’s miracle as a sign that anything is possible. Brooke, of course, remains insistent that she and Ridge are each other’s destiny, and that Taylor is conspiring to destroy her family. Ridge has complex feelings about the two loves of his life and doesn’t want to hurt either. This fall, the unexpected happens, which leads our trio to another beautiful remote location, where circumstance causes Ridge to make a choice. The fallout from this changes lives and the dynamics of families forever.”

Liam/Hope/Thomas/Douglas: “Brooke accuses Taylor of masterminding a plot to take Ridge and Douglas from the Logans, but Taylor holds her ground, insisting that both are better off with the Forrester family. Liam has strong feelings about the matter, especially where Hope and Thomas’s obsession with her is concerned. The fight for what’s best for Douglas commences this fall, and loyalties and alliances shift unexpectedly.”

Deacon: “This fall, things get serious and comedic at the same time as a series of events take place that Deacon must scramble to manage. Deacon’s stress level goes from mild to off the charts when Sheila, thinking that her disguise is all she needs, ventures out in public and even over to Steffy and Finn’s beach house. Will Sheila reveal herself to the wrong person? Will Deacon get caught harboring a felon? And what of Deacon and Sheila’s romantic liaison? You won’t want to miss how this story unfolds.”

Around Town: “This fall, we’ll see more of Bill Spencer as he takes Liam’s side in the situation with Douglas and as he navigates his own romantic relationships. Donna and Eric settle into couple life and get involved in their family’s dramas, Zende designs for Forrester Creations and Hope for the Future with Paris as his muse, and Carter’s life turns upside down in a minute. Additionally, look for several favorite characters to return to the canvas and a new character to appear!”


“Things are really coming to a head in the fall,” promises Head Writer Ron Carlivati.

Abigail’s Murder: “As Leo finds himself back in the hot seat, we are ramping up to reveal the real killer, and the audience will get the full story of what happened that night that Abigail died.”

John/Marlena/Steve/Kayla/Roman/Kate: “We know Orpheus loves to play mind games, so he, in his twisted way, blames Roman, etc. for his wife’s death and wants to make these men and women suffer in the same way that he suffered. So that’s a little clue as to what he does. Our faves are in big jeopardy, so these couples will band together to fight a common enemy. Can Steve save Kayla, can John save Marlena and vice versa? It’s a good story and it really ramps up in the fall.”

Li/Gabi/Stefan: “Li’s motivation in bringing Stefan back was, ‘Stefano’s son. This gives me power at DiMera,’ but I don’t think he counted on falling in love with Gabi along the way. So Li, under pressure, proposes to Gabi and wants to get married so he can control the situation and keep Gabi and Stefan apart. Of course, we are not going to wait that long to get Stefan and Gabi face-to-face, but the reunion does not go exactly as planned.”

Abe/Paulina: “We pulled a little bait and switch here with Paulina persuading Abe to run for governor and then the twist is, ‘What if Paulina were to run instead?’ It turns out that Paulina has more secrets than we knew about, and so another secret from her past threatens her candidacy and it pulls her family into this mess.”

Nancy/Clyde: “Nancy feels like she’s gotten a second chance after her divorce from Craig. From minute one with Clyde, we played that there was no agenda, he’s not after her money, he’s not using her in any way. We like the idea that he was, like, genuinely smitten with Nancy. So understandably, Chloe has her concerns. So Clyde and Nancy are planning to get married, but will Chloe come around and accept Clyde, and will Nancy and Clyde make it to the altar?”

Alex/Stephanie/Chad: “Alex had this love-at-first-sight moment and wants to be a better man to have Stephanie. Stephanie is very driven and she’s not so charmed by a player like Alex. But underneath all of this, does Stephanie have any kind of interest or feelings for Alex? At the same time, we’re building a friendship between Stephanie and Chad. She’s helping him work through his grief over Abigail, but we’re starting to see a little something develop there at the same time.”

Johnny/Ava/EJ: “EJ maybe bit off a little more than he can chew with Ava and kind of invited the fox in the henhouse, and in this case, the henhouse is Johnny. So we see an instant attraction from Johnny to Ava. He’s becoming more enamored of her and she is coming to rely on him as a shoulder that she can cry on. It complicates the EJ situation, who is trying to prove this woman is a fraud.”

Xander/Sarah: “We always knew we wanted to give them like a nice little wedding and now they finally get to have it. It doesn’t mean necessarily that they live happily ever after. I think the tension between who Xander is and who she is will continue to be an issue. There are still things that he’s done that she’s not aware of, and moving forward, there is some tension in trying to reconcile the kind of guy Xander is and the kind of life he’s tempted into often, and what does that mean for their marriage?”

Eric/Nicole/Rafe/Jada: “Nicole threw herself into this marriage to Rafe, partly, even though she’s denying it, to cut off any sort of feeling that she’s having for Eric. And similarly, we see Eric jump into a relationship pretty fast with Jada, but we keep throwing Eric and Nicole into each other’s orbit. The pull between them is very strong. Will they be able to keep themselves from acting on it?”

Brady/Kristen: “There is a custody battle for Rachel, and Kristen is using her relationship with Rachel to stay in Brady’s life, even if it’s in a hostile, negative way. So she pursues this thing whole hog, but it gets pretty ugly and Chloe’s going to be pulled into it, as well, so it really raises the stakes.”

Gwen/Jennifer: “Gwen has always been someone tricky for Jennifer to navigate because it is Jack’s daughter, so we thought it would be interesting if Gwen got onto the fact that Jennifer was using pills. Is Gwen going to somehow use this to her advantage or is she going to help Jennifer?”


Co-Head Writers Chris Van Etten and Dan O’Connor offer insight into the months ahead in Port Charles.

Valentin/Anna: “Right now, Anna and Valentin are on the same page and are a united front, not just in their relationship, but in their determination to save Charlotte and take down Victor once and for all. They are not above using any and all means at their disposal to deal with the threat that Victor embodies.” Lucy will continue to play a role in their scheme. “As longtime fans know, this is not the first Victor whose fondness for Lucy she has used against them! [Involving Lucy] is a fine line to walk and it may backfire on them.”

Robert/Holly: “Holly’s return will shake up Port Charles and be the beginning of a new quest for answers for Robert. We’re very excited to have Emma [Samms, Holly] back.”

Sonny/Nina: “Sonny has his hands full with taking Dex under his wing. At the same time, Nina will become suspicious about somebody very close to Sonny, which will put her faith in the uncomfortable position of keeping it to herself or sharing it with the man she loves.”

Carly/Drew: “Carly plans to recharge her career by going on a corporate retreat. When the plane makes an emergency landing, she will be forced to confront her past and examine her future. Drew may prove to be a useful ally in Carly’s latest adventure and may just become more than that as a result.”

Elizabeth’s Past: “Liz has rightfully been advocating for her agency and independence when it comes to her troubling past memories. But once it becomes clear that her missing time is posing a danger to her friends, it is Liz and Liz alone who will make the decision to get answers about this buried family secret. Finn wants to be a supportive partner, but at the same time, he sees Elizabeth making decisions that, from his point of view, seem self-destructive. And what do you do when you come to that conclusion?”

Ava/Nikolas: “Esme’s disappearance continues to have grave consequences for the people of Port Charles, not the least of which include Ava and Nikolas, who are bound together by their deadly secret. The police work to uncover the motives behind Ava’s attack — and whether her attacker will strike again.”

Spencer/Trina/Rory: “Trina has deep feelings for Spencer, but she knows how much pain he inadvertently caused her over the last year and right now, Spencer is gone [to Pentonville]. She is happy with Rory. But how long can she keep these conflicting emotions bottled up?”

Laura’s Return: “Laura has been away from Port Charles for a while, but that does not mean she is out of the loop. She’s a hero and she’ll be called upon to do her heroic best when the time arrives.”

Sam/Dante: “Sam and Dante are looking forward to the future but they’re dogged by the past, specifically by Dante’s recently resumed friendship with his old buddy, Cody.”

Britt/Cody/Mac/Felicia: “Cody is going to be pulled in two directions. One is his developing attraction to Britt and the other by the possibility that he may be connected to the Scorpio family. And it may be that he can’t have both. Felicia is encouraging Mac to learn the truth but Mac is afraid of getting the answer lest his heart be broken.”

Michael/Willow: “Willow is making a gamble out of love and hoping that she can delay her leukemia treatment and save both herself and her child. TJ has grown to be a trusted confidant for Willow and their relationship will only grow.” Meanwhile, planting Dex in Sonny’s organization “will have unforeseen consequences for Sonny, but also for Michael’s entire family.”

Cameron/Josslyn/Dex: “There has been a growing distance between Josslyn and Cameron. They are both committed to making this relationship work, but Esme’s actions may have made the relationship vulnerable enough for the new guy in town to shake things up.”

Brook Lynn/Chase: “Brook Lynn is willing to go to great lengths to unmask Linc as the ne’er-do-well that she knows him to be and also to avenge herself for how he manipulated her years ago.  Chase may find himself, as a result, taking a fall, but also have a new opportunity arise as a result.”

Alexis/Gregory: “Alexis and Gregory’s professional relationship will continue to evolve, especially as a series of shocking crimes begin to occur in Port Charles.”

Austin/Maxie: “Austin continues to have tension with Maxie’s children. Georgie does not seem to like Austin. Maxie is trying to show Georgie how wrong she is about Austin, but as the mystery between Austin and Mason deepens, perhaps Georgie is more insightful than she knows.”

Curtis/Jordan/Portia: “Jordan’s suspicions about Trina’s heritage lead to a heated confrontation with Portia and a warning of a reckoning to come. Curtis wonders if he made the right decision to not get genetic counseling regarding Marshall’s medical history.”

Brando/Sasha: “Sasha is faced with a very difficult decision. Does she risk prison time or does she agree to have Brando as her guardian? However, a twist of fate may make her decision even more complicated.”

Kristina: “Alexis has some strong opinions about Kristina’s future, which will put mother and daughter in conflict.”

Spinelli: “Spinelli’s romantic endeavor may prove to have a greater application, and if discovered, there are many conflicting parties who may want to avail themselves of his breakthrough.”

Selina: “She continues to establish her presence in Port Charles — and the greater her presence, the more potential for conflict with elements on both sides of the law.”

Terry/Yuri: “Terry and Yuri’s romance will continue to blossom.”


“It’s going to be a very dynamic fall,” assures Co-Executive Producer/Head Writer Josh Griffith.

Victor: “There’s still fallout from Ashland’s demise because by trying to protect his family at all costs, Victor created the scenario that alienated Adam. Victor will have to manage this growing battle and animosity between Adam and Victoria that will push them in a surprising new direction. Victor also sees Adam working for Jabot as going over to the enemy, and although Jack may be in Adam’s corner, nobody else at Jabot is.”

Nikki/Phyllis/Ashley: “Their alliance against Diane will put them in a very interesting place, especially Nikki. Going forward it will also open the door for something surprising and painful from Ashley’s past that will draw her back to Genoa City and keep her there.”

Elena/Nate/Imani/Devon: “Nate grows more frustrated with the lack of support from Devon, and while Elena will be urging Nate, ‘If you’re so miserable, walk away,’ Imani is saying. ‘Go for broke.’ Things will really heat up with these three when Nate starts liking Imani’s advice a lot more than Elena’s. The tension between Devon and Nate is going to push Nate to take an action that could have ramifications throughout the family and the company that nobody sees coming. Lily sees this conflict building and she’ll do everything she can to make the peace, but it’s not going to work.”

Nick/Sally/Adam: “The situation with these three will really explode. If there’s a chance that something could happen between Sally and Nick, it’s going to drive Adam crazy. When he told Sally why he broke up with her [to save her job at Newman Media], Adam didn’t expect her reaction of, ‘I hate the way you handled this! After all we’ve been through, you couldn’t trust me?’ This could push Sally toward Nick, so we’ll have to see how he responds to her.”

Lily/Billy/Chelsea: “Chelsea and Billy’s kiss is something that she can’t forget, even though he’s very clear that it was a mistake, and that he will not act on it in any way. Chelsea will be unable to let that go, and as she moves forward into a very interesting realm for her that’s much beyond the podcasts, Billy will inevitably step in. Billy continues to feel that he’s an outsider at Chancellor-Winters because he’s not family. That’s going to create conflict with Lily as they try to manage business with the fact that they’re romantically involved.”

Phyllis/Jack/Diane: “Diane is remarkably successful in her sincere attempts to win the trust and forgiveness of Jack, as well as Kyle and Summer — until the other shoe drops. Phyllis will continue to do everything she possibly can to undermine Diane at Marchetti, but as savvy as Phyllis is, she has, in many ways, almost met her match in Diane. No matter how careful Phyllis tries to be, it’s not always careful enough.”

Kyle/Summer: “In the midst of trying to keep the peace between their mothers, Kyle and Summer haven’t lost their passion, so they decide to renew their vows in Genoa City. We’re making up for the fact that fans never got to see their wedding, so Kyle and Summer are going to have a beautiful renewal of their vows on the Abbott estate.”

Noah/Allie: “Noah will open his nightclub at the Grand Phoenix to great success with Allie right by his side. It will be the hippest lounge/bar in town. Noah will finally feel that he’s found his element in this place, and the set for the nightclub looks fantastic! Allie has had relationships that never really worked out, but she’s already feeling that she’s found something special with Noah.”

Mariah/Tessa/Sharon: “Mariah and Tessa are going to encounter all of the common obstacles that couples face when they’re trying to adopt. Sharon will be very involved in this storyline that will lead into another storyline, where all of her training will be called upon — and I’m not talking about pouring coffee.”

Abby/Chance: “We are exploring a couple that perhaps got married too quickly. The honeymoon may be over and they’ll have to really work to fix that.”

Trevor St. John: “His character will come in and shake things up on all fronts because he has a lot of connections to people in Genoa City. One of those connections you’ll be surprised how it came about, and he’ll have his hands in many pies. I know Trevor from ONE LIFE TO LIVE [ex-Todd/Victor] and I’m just thrilled to get to work with him again.”