2020 Fall Preview


“We’re going to have a lot of romance in the fall,” previews Executive Producer/Head Writer Bradley Bell. “We’ll have some new couples, new characters and some of our villains are going to be stirring the pot like never before.”

Brooke/Shauna/Ridge/Bill/ Quinn/Eric: “Ridge and Brooke will always love one another, but this combination of Quinn and Shauna is posing perhaps the biggest threat ever to their relationship. Shauna has never been married and finally meets the man of her dreams and she’s not going to back away easily. Quinn would like nothing more than to get rid of Brooke once and for all, and so there’s a battle royale that is going to play out between these two ladies. Eric is going to be a little bit on guard, hoping that Quinn isn’t back to her old ways.”

Brooke/Bill/Katie: “Brooke is Bill’s Achilles’ heel. But then there’s a part of Bill that is more logical and reasonable and loves Katie, so his heart is divided and he appreciates both of these sisters. This fall we will see him clearly take his path forward with one of these two sisters.”

Steffy/Finn: “Steffy is going to do battle with painkillers, and it’s going to be a story of how Steffy and Finn fight to overcome her addiction and to get her back on track. Through that journey, they’re really going to get to know each other extremely well.”

Liam/Hope: “People are picking up signs that there may be trouble with Steffy. We’re going to see Hope voice her concerns that Kelly may be in trouble. So Liam will be caught in the middle, understanding Hope’s concerns and not wanting to take a daughter away from Steffy during this time, so we’ll get into some real interesting debates between Hope and Steffy that will get very heated.”

Carter/Zoe/Zende: “Carter is going to get a promotion at the office and Zoe will be actively working with the Hope for the Future line, so they’re both happy and through it all, they find a magical relationship. At the same time, we have Zende returning to the canvas. Zende is going to turn some heads immediately and he may prove to be a challenge to Carter as Zoe takes notice of this new man.”

Thomas: “We will see Thomas wanting to become a person who can carry on without Hope. But Thomas and Hope will be working together and it’s all going to stoke the fires again for Thomas and his desire for Hope. We’ll wonder if it’s a healthy desire or more trouble.”

Wyatt/Flo: “As things heat up between Shauna and Quinn, it will present a challenge for them. Wyatt is very loyal to his mother, as is Flo to hers, and as drama ensues for the moms, Wyatt and Flo will be a part of that story.”

Casting News: “We’re in the process of casting a role and it will be most likely Zoe’s sister. So we’re looking into bringing in a new character to play with Zende and Carter and Zoe.”


Head Writer Ron Carlivati shares what to expect in Salem.

The Custody Battle: “It’s Sami’s worst nightmare that Nicole could raise her grandson. But just when it looks like they’re going badly for her, she pulls a rabbit out of her hat and calls a surprise witness to the stand that turns the whole proceedings upside down. By unleashing this witness upon Salem, it will cause a lot of collateral damage for people who are in Sami’s life.”

John/Marlena: “One of the aftereffects that can happen when you have a medical crisis is mood swings or changes in personality, and in this instance, you see that John’s emotions are going to be very close to the surface. It’s something he and Marlena will have to weather together. But some of his unintended outbursts may just have some bigger consequences for them.”

Kristen/Brady: “Kristen has put herself at risk by coming back to town. She ultimately gets caught and it looks like she’s most likely going to be sent to prison. The X factor there is her best friend, Lani. Any actions that Lani may or may not take with Kristen may not sit so well with Eli, so while they’re happy, happy anticipating the arrival of these twins, the compromises she’s willing to make for Kristen will test their relationship.”

Ben/Ciara/Hope: “Ciara has been taken. Hope and Ben are desperately looking for her, and moving heaven and earth to find her. We’re going to pull Shawn into this story, so there is this team driven to get answers and find Ciara and it all is going to come to a climactic head very soon.”

Gwen/Chad/Abigail/Jake: “When Abigail comes back, she finds there is this other presence in the house who is Gwen. Gwen immediately sets about trying to befriend Abigail and help with the children and becomes their nanny. Besides just being Jake’s girlfriend, Gwen has reasons of her own for wanting to infiltrate the DiMera mansion. Her agenda will slowly unfold throughout the fall and you will see what Gwen is really up to.”

Shawn/Belle/Philip: “Shawn and Belle are on pretty solid footing. Philip has returned to Salem to reclaim his spot at Titan, and of course there is that history with Philip and Belle. Shawn still feels threatened a little bit by Philip. Then somebody else will come in to the picture who will threaten to shake up the couple so they’re getting hit from two different sides.”

Philip/Xander: “Xander does not want to share the CEO job with Philip, and Xander being Xander, he’s willing to play a little dirty to get Philip out of the way, with Sarah caught somewhat in the middle.”

Tripp/Kayla/Steve: “With Steve solidly back in Salem and reconciled with Kayla, it felt like an appropriate time for Tripp to come visit. And it turns out he may want to stay for a while. Tripp bumps into somebody he knew when he was away and it will launch him into a story that will be a bigger story and has repercussions all over Salem.”

Bonnie/Justin: “We’re having some fun with Justin and Bonnie. It’s a very scratchy relationship, but he helps her with her book publisher. We see Bonnie is possibly starting to become sweet on Justin. Is there any way, given what she did to Adrienne, of something romantic developing between them?”


Co-Head Writers Chris Van Etten and Dan O’Connor give the scoop on what the season holds for Port Charles. “Hopefully it will be as surprising a fall for the audience as it has been a surprising summer for Dan and me!” teases Van Etten.

Sonny/Carly/Jax/Nina: “Mike’s deteriorating condition takes a great emotional toll on Sonny and really demands a lot of his attention, which means that people like Carly and Jason will have to step up to deal with other matters that unfold.” Meanwhile, “Circumstances lead to Carly sharing a massive secret with Jax, which could cause tension between the once-married couple, as well as [in their relationships with] Nina and Sonny.”

Jason/Sam: “With the threat of Sam’s parole officer out of the way, she and Jason are free to reunite and resume a happy family with their kids. However, can it be said that Jason and Sam were ever happy for very long?”

The Hospital: “Cyrus may have taken over, but he knows that he does not have the sup- port of the rank and file. Anyone who works at G.H., their job is not necessarily safe. And if the hospital is not safe, then who in Port Charles is?”

Anna/Finn: “The hard-won stability that Anna has achieved for her family, specifically Peter, will be cast into doubt when they get a blast from their shared past. And of course, Finn will feel anything that causes stress for Anna.”

Franco/Elizabeth/Nikolas/Ava: “Their marriage had a rift in it thanks to Elizabeth’s growing closeness to Nikolas and Franco’s growing closeness to Ava. However, both Elizabeth and Franco have started to suspect that this new closeness may have been manipulated by a third party. Will Elizabeth and Franco bring that to each other’s attention?”

Jordan/Curtis/Portia: “Jordan has been keeping one massive secret from him, and that is that she and Epiphany and Lucas faked Taggert’s death. That secret may come back to haunt her relationships, not only with Curtis, but with Trina. At the same time, it will become known to Jordan and Curtis that Portia felt differently about her and Curtis’s quote-unquote relationship all those years ago.”

Peter/Maxie: “When he learns that Maxie is pregnant with his child, of course he is over the moon, but he is even more concerned that the darkness in his past will come back to haunt him. He seeks advice from Valentin, of all people, about how to leave the past in the past.”

Julian: “Julian still has his complicity in the baby switch hanging over his head. He is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure he doesn’t go down for Nelle’s crimes.”

Dante/Lulu/Dustin: “Lulu has struggled with Dante’s departure for a long time. Of course now, as she and Dustin are growing closer and closer and becoming something serious, it just so happens to coincide with Dante’s return.”

Michael/Willow/Chase/Sasha: “Chase is keeping hope alive that one day, there might be a way for him to reconcile his relationship with Willow. The question is, by the time the truth does come about, will Willow’s heart have moved on to someone else?”

TJ/Molly/Brando: “Molly doesn’t want her one-night mistake with Brando haunting her future with TJ. However, this becomes incredibly complicated as TJ and Brando start developing a genuine friendship. Brando is also involved in the Cyrus storyline.”

Ned/Olivia: “The new status quo of ELQ heightens the tension in Ned’s relationship with both Brook Lynn and Olivia.”

Robert: “Robert calls in a favor for his friend Olivia and escorts her to visit Dante at the WSB facility. Olivia encourages him to attend Holly’s memorial service. But as Robert arrives at the memorial, more questions about Holly’s death are raised and he is determined to get to the bottom of it.”

The Teens: “Josslyn is starting to recognize her own developing feelings for Cameron. However, the timing is pretty bad, as both Cameron and Trina have recognized their developing feelings for one another.”


Co-Executive Producer/Head Writer Josh Griffith assures Genoa City will have a colorful fall that includes, “Romance, secrets, betrayal, hope, love, loss, redemption and a new baby!”

Adam/Chelsea: “The reveal of what happened that night in Kansas so many years ago will rock Adam to his very core and change the way he sees himself and his place in the Newman family. Chelsea will fear the revelation is pulling him away from her and their family. Adding to Chelsea’s anxiety is Sharon believing she’s the one person who knows Adam well enough to get him through this overwhelming confrontation with his past.”

Sharon/Rey: “Sharon will fight with all her power, Rey and her family beside her, as she faces the most challenging obstacle yet in her battle with her breast cancer.”

Devon/Elena/Nate/Amanda: “There is a brewing storm of romance, desire, and revelation for these four characters, set in motion when Amanda learns a stunning truth about her past. And yes, Jared will return, and be the catalyst for a shocking turn.”

Phyllis/Nick/Abby/Chance: “Phyllis and Abby’s delicious hotel war will continue to ratchet up, and not even Nick can quell the fight. Chance’s Vegas past continues to loom large, which is of constant concern to Abby. As more revelations about Adam come to light, Chance’s connection and friendship could cause major problems for him and Abby.”

Mariah/Tessa: “Mariah will make a surprising choice as we move into winter that will have a huge impact on this couple’s future.”

Kyle /Summer/Theo/ Lola: “Kyle and Summer’s romance will hit several major obstacles over the next few months, as will Theo and Lola. Theo will continue to be his own worst enemy.”

Victoria: “Right now, her romance is with power, as well as making her own mark, independent of Victor.”

The Abbotts: “This family embarks on a beautiful and emotional journey as they search for a piece of Dina’s past they hope will bring her some happiness in her decline.”

Kevin/Chloe: “Their baby is on the way and with this pair, there’s always drama!”