Welcome Back, Rick Springfield

Soap Opera Weekly: Is it strange to be back at GH after 22 years?
Rick Springfield: Not at all. It’s great those real years have passed since I saw Jackie (Zeman, Bobbie). It’s a one-time chance at playing something like this.

Weekly: Is it easy to slip back into Noah’s shoes?
Springfield: I had to work on where I thought he’d gone. That’s basically what it is. You can’t really play 30 different things. He’s the character that he is now — certainly with memories of what he was.

Weekly: So, were your first scenes a little weird?
Springfield: Uh-huh, but it worked for the character, because he’s supposed to be displaced. It wasn’t like I had to worm my way into something that I had grown out of. It worked for the character that he has become.

Weekly: Are you checking back into the hospital for good?
Springfield: Nothing has been decided yet. I’m not quite sure what the story is, what their view of it is. I know it was to bring Rick’s son on. Jason Thompson (Patrick) is a really great guy. I think he’ll be fabulous. Noah and Patrick have a very tense relationship because of past things that didn’t work out for them both. It’s very interesting stuff. I have much more to play than I had originally. As far as the future — that’s up in the air at the moment.

Weekly: So ‘fess up. Does Noah save Jason’s life?
Springfield: He and his son are involved….

Weekly: Are there any cast members you’re hoping to catch up with?
Springfield: I saw the other three [besides Zeman], Tony Geary (Luke), Leslie (Charleson, Monica) and Stuart (Damon, Alan). I met them the first day, and they were all great. They’re the only four who were there before.

Weekly: Have you been watching the show at all?
Springfield: No, I haven’t. I become involved the way Noah does in the story: I discover everything as I go.

Weekly: There is a Jesse with a girl on the show now. Maybe you could sing “Jesse’s Girl”?
Springfield: That would be totally weird!

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