SURVIVOR: CARAMOAN cutie Malcolm Freberg made his soap debut today on BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL. "This was not some clever ruse on my part to do a reality TV show and swing it into a soap opera guest spot," chuckles the affable Freberg. "But the opportunity came up and how do you say no to that? I am certainly not a prolific actor but when something as well-known and respected as the BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL comes along, you jump at the opportunity. They took it pretty easy on me, I'm happy to say. Having to lie on SURVIVOR has helped with my acting [laughs]." Freberg adds that the experience was a positive one. "I'll have to see it first," he hedges. "But everyone here was really supportive. I hope they weren't just being nice. SURVIVOR makes you suspicious of everything people tell you [laughs]." Catch Malcolm on SUVIVOR: CARAMOAN tonight on CBS, and if you missed him today on B&B, go to

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