Southern Comfort

Christian J. LeBlanc (Michael) serves as the tour guide for our photos on Y&R’s recent location shoot in New Orleans. “It was amazing to see your home town through other people’s eyes,” smiles LeBlanc, who hails from the Big Easy. “Y&R is hugely popular down there. Everyone was so nice and wanted to share the city with us.”Here’s LeBlanc between taping scenes with Joshua Morrow (Nick). “You never know what you’re going to see in the French Quarter,” chuckles LeBlanc. “While we were there, we saw another shoot going on with two men dressed as Vikings. It turned out to be a Capital One commercial.”In one of her scenes, Sharon Case (Sharon) strolls down a New Orleans street. “Sharon was not feeling well because she had a bad cold,” laments Christian. “She was working harder than all of us.” Christian poses with Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) in the world-famous French Quarter. “Michelle’s daughter Natalia had her first Halloween in New Orleans,” smiles LeBlanc. “We went trick-or-treating in my dad’s old neighborhood. Natalia was a butterfly and she was absolutely adorable.” Case, LeBlanc and Stafford prepare to be interviewed on the CBS affiliate morning show. “The anchors are old friends of mine,” notes LeBlanc. “Michelle, Sharon and I ended up dancing — extremely well, I might add.” LeBlanc is ready to cook at Brennan’s restaurant. “Mr. Brennan is a big fan of the show and he skipped a business meeting so we could have a three-hour breakfast with him,” LeBlanc explains. “We were treated so well, like guests in somebody’s living room. I almost caught Michelle on fire with the Bananas Foster. I told her that she didn’t need those eyebrows, that a large forehead is indicative of intelligence. I don’t know if she bought it.” LeBlanc and Stafford get cozy in the kitchen of Cafe Reconcile. “This wonderful nun, Sister Mary Lou, runs the place,” notes LeBlanc. “We just popped in without warning. People were calling us over to their table because they wanted us to taste their bread pudding.”Next stop for Stafford, LeBlanc, Case was at YA/YA. “Its stands for Young Audiences/Young Artists,” says LeBlanc. “It’s a great workshop in downtown New Orleans that teaches art and other skills to inner-city kids.”
Stafford admiring the art at YA/YA. “Michelle even purchased some of the art that was made by these young kids,” LeBlanc shares. LeBlanc in the wine room of Antoine’s restaurant with his boss Co-Executive Producer/Head Writer Maria Arena Bell. “In all my years that I’ve lived in New Orleans, I’ve never been to Antoine’s before,” he marvels. “Maria hosted this wonderful dinner for all of us. We had the best Baked Alaska, which was invented there.”