Sonny Timeline Page 4

2002: He later reunites with Carly; a mystery man named Luis Alcazar arrives in town and puts a hit out on Sonny, who fakes his death; he learns soon after that Brenda is alive and with Alcazar.

2003: Sonny hires Ric Lansing to do some legal work for him, but is wary of the newcomer; he also assists Brenda in trying to find out who killed Alcazar; Sonny becomes estranged from Jason after Morgan falls for Sonny’s sister, Courtney, then begins suffering a mental breakdown; Carly spies Sonny kissing Brenda and mistakenly thinks the couple is reuniting, then gets “raped” by Ric; Carly gets pregnant and Sonny learns about the “rape” when she reveals that she had a paternity test; he plans to kill Ric, but stops when he finds out that Lansing is his half brother.

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