PASSIONS's Top 10 LOL Moments

10. Charlie joins the Wallace Household
Just when you think Harmony’s unofficial nut house couldn’t get any nuttier, up pops a psychopathic lesbian with an obsessive hatred for blondes to team up with an incontinent invalid, her psychotically obsessive daughter and her gin-swilling orangutan caregiver.9. Flashback of Rebecca having sex with Alistair
They say the apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree — even bad apples like Julian. Not long after he began hooking up with Rebecca it was revealed, via flashback, that his father, Alistair, had his own lustful dalliance with Gwen’s mother years ago. Like father, like son.8. Ivy crashes her car into the church
Determined to keep Ethan from marrying Theresa, Ivy made a beeline to the church to break up the nuptials. Unfortunately, she broke up her car and the sanctuary itself when she drove right into the church.”I couldn’t find any good parking,” Ivy deadpanned to Ethan as she dusted herself off amid the rubble.

7. Mrs. Wallace pees on Julian’s chair
When Mrs. Wallace crashed a party at the Cranes, she really knew how to make a first impression. After having a little too much punch, the incontinent invalid had an accident, and ruined one of Julian’s antique chairs.6. The Bennett house gets sucked into hell
In a cross between The Birds, The Amityville Horror and Poltergeist, one calamity after another befell the Bennett house. First it was attacked by birds, then blood started oozing from the walls, and finally, in one violent (and violently funny) sequence, Bennett family members fled for their lives as their entire house got sucked into hell. Thankfully, construction crews in Harmony work doubletime, because the Bennetts rebuilt their house identically — right down to every last throw pillow — in a matter of weeks.

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