PASSIONS pulled out all the fashion stops during its recent journey to “India” for a Bollywood fantasy sequence.

“The outfits are very richly ornamented,” marvels PASSIONS’ costume designer Diana Eden. “Part of the tradition of Indian weddings is rich, rich adornment and very elaborate jewels: bangles all the way up the arm, the mang tikka [the ornament in her hair], and the earrings. You put all that together and there’s a lot of bling. It was fabulous. I love color and I love sparkle, so this was just heaven for me.”

The actors enjoyed the experience as much as Eden did:

Eric Martsolf (Ethan)
“I’m working in my pajamas!” jokes Martsolf. “These are the coolest pajamas I’ve ever seen in my entire life. The only problem is the copper wiring, which has been stitched individually. It creates a wonderful cutting board for Liza‘s [Huber, Gwen] skin. I tend to take off a pound of her flesh with every lift. It’s the wounds of the business. Honestly, I didn’t even know what Bollywood style was. It seems to be spreading throughout southern California. It’s the new [hot] style.”
Liza Huber (Gwen)
“I feel like a princess,” enthuses Huber. “These costumes were made in India for us. Oscar [Naranjois] here with his team doing the traditional makeup with all these tattoos and sparkles and bells. We had no idea what to expect — even when we tried on the outfits, we had no idea of all the sparkles and tattoos. The makeup is incredible. What’s cool is that it’s Gwen’s fantasy, which is neat because you so rarely see Gwen having a positive fantasy. It’s them starting their lives over, in the hopes that Ethan’s going to get transferred to another Crane office somewhere very exotic. She’s hoping to get remarried and has this whole daydream.”

Lindsay Hartley (Theresa)
“It’s fun,” laughs Hartley. “We’re all having a good time. Everyone’s enjoying doing something different. I like the dancing. It gives me energy, and I love the choreographer, Dave [Mahajan]. He’s done a great job. I have had a blast doing this — even though we only had a week and a half to prep!”

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