Party Of Two

Soap Opera Digest: Galen, when McKenzie started having more scenes with BamBam (ex-Precious) during the Luis/Sheridan wedding, did you give her any advice?
Galen Gering: Watch your private parts [laughs].
McKenzie Westmore: He gave me no advice. It was a quick scene.

Digest: Do you hang out together outside of the set?
Westmore: Yeah. We’ve gone out a couple of times lately.

Digest: Do fans freak out when they see you?
Westmore: I was at The Gap and the [sales] girl kept staring at me. Right before I left, she said, “By the way, I love your show.”

Digest: Do you hang with each other’s spouses?
Westmore: I think I’ve gotten to know [Galen’s wife] Jenna more this year than ever before because we’ve all gone out. Digest: Do you run lines together?
Gering: Sometimes.
Westmore: When we have big stuff — heavy, emotional stuff — we’ll run it with the acting coach on-set, Maria [O’Brien]. It makes a big difference when you can run it a couple of times and get it solid in your head. It just makes it easier than on-set. The preparation helps.Digest: Galen, did you go to McKenzie’s Halloween party?
Gering: Yeah. There was another party inadvertently on the street. I pulled in and there were all these people pushing. I’m like, “Hello, can I get in?” [The door guy was] blowing me off. I’m like, “I work with this girl every day. What’s going on?” Everyone is looking at me like I’m crazy. Finally, he’s like, ” ‘You’re not on the list.” Everyone is like, “Boo, get him out of here.” I had this wig on. I was thinking, “This is really messed up.” I finally asked what the address was. Turns out, I was at the wrong house.

Westmore: It was Jamie Foxx‘s party. I think I even called Galen and was like, “Where are you?” It was hysterical.

Gering: It was so not funny at the time.
Westmore: I didn’t really hear the story until we got back to work.

Gering: My friend, who had never been to her house, was there waiting for me. At least I had been there once before.

Westmore: That was an unbelievable party. [My husband, Seven, and I] were at the market and the Gelson’s [grocery store] guy kept looking at us and he was like, “Awesome party you guys.” He was a friend of a friend of a friend.
Digest: Do you work out together?
Gering: All the time [laughs].
Westmore: I think we were at the gym in the studio together maybe once in five years. We just happened to be there at the same time.

Gering: That was recently.Digest: Lately, you’ve been working with kids more often.
Westmore: It’s hard being a woman and being around a child and at times, you’re like, “Oh, maybe I do want a child right now.” Then reality kicks in when you leave and you’re like, “Okay, the child can stay on-set and I can go home and go about my business.” But I did just rescue another dog. He’s a full-grown, 2-year-old, 4-pound Chihuahua and he’s become my child. I bring Buddy everywhere I go. He’s so quiet, so nobody knows he’s there. I’ve taken him into restaurants. He’s got a deformity in his leg because he was hit by a car.
Digest: Did you have fun doing the 1700s flashback of Patience and Harry with accents?

Westmore: Galen did a great job.
Gering: By the time we finished, I was just starting to figure it out.
Westmore [to Gering]: No, you had it down from the start. You had a good accent going.
Gering: That was fun.
Westmore: Yeah, that was my favorite past life. That could’ve gone on for so much longer and I would’ve been just as happy.

Gering: I want to see a future life.
Westmore: I want to see future and I want to see a caveman life. That would be hysterical. They had it and they cut it. The whole scene was grunting. Digest: How do you picture the future one?
Gering: JETSONS-y.
Westmore: That would be fun.
Gering: It could be that Sheridan and Luis are the last ones on Earth and they are finally together and then something happens.