OLTL's Kevin Buchanan Timeline

Joey Thrower was the first actor to play grow-up Kevin. (Chris McKenna played Joey). The biggest storypoint for Kevin during this time was that he eloped with Lee Ann Demerest after discovering she was pregnant with his child.
After catching Lee Ann kissing Jason Webb, Kirk Geiger’s Kevin divorced her and won custody of their son, Duke….Kevin became involved with Rachel Gannon and decided to allow Lee Ann to have partial custody of Duke….Kevin was wrongly accused of raping Marty Saybrooke along with actual rapists Todd, Powell Lord and Zach Rosen (Kevin, Todd and Zach, at left). He was eventually exonerated.

Jack Armstrong’s Kevin was the first to realize the extent of Viki’s DID — but she smashed a vase over his head before he could do anything. Nathan Fillion, pictured with Phil Carey (Asa), Armstrong and Bob Krimmer (Andrew) played Joey during this time period. In 1995, the role was recast briefly with Ken Kenitzer (not pictured). Kenitzer’s Kevin tried to stop Todd from sensationalizing a story of Viki’s disappearance, but to no avail.

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