October 30, 2003

4:15 PM Their Big Fat Greek WeddingAs you may know already, SOAP TALK’s (and returning OLTL Troy) Ty Treadway wed his longtime girlfriend Monica on September 9 on the Greek Island of Santorini. Wished you could have been invited? Us, too. But this photo’s the next best thing, eh?The happy couple were married by the local Mayor outside a whitewashed church atop a cliff where, legend has it, the lost content of Atlantis exists. The isle had a volcano which erupted and sank most of it below the sea some time back, so the city now sits on the cliff about 3,500 feet high and overlooks the Aegean sea. After the wedding, the couple honeymooned in Italy. (We bet they got great tans.)And here’s something you might not have known if you hadn’t been there: Apparently after the “you may kiss the bride” segment of the ceremony, Ty picked up his new wife and jumped into the pool! (We sense he just wanted an excuse to disrobe his shirt again. We make these things up.)Enjoy, and have a happy Halloween! Your blog friends are taking tomorrow off, so look for more fun next Monday!11:03 AM A Little Zim In Your MorningHey, GL fans — you’ve got a real treat in store in your upcoming Digest (issue date November 11/on sale November 4): An interview with the incomprable Kim Zimmer (Reva)! Here’s a little sneak peek — and a big confession:“I’m really overweight right now and I don’t think I could get any other work at the present time,” she laughed to interviewer Melissa Scardaville about why she re-signed last summer. “That and the fact that I’m at such peace with what I’m doing with my life and career…. I am sure I wil go through times when I am cursing the fact that I signed again, [but] I don’t see myself having the time yet to do what I ultimately want to do, which is theater.”Says Melissa, meeting Kim (as she’s done a few times now) is always a treat: “Kim really has this incredible presence about her. Honestly, I could talk with her for hours — I think I did for this interview!”And here’s one last bonus tidbit: Didja know that Zimmer’s son is going to appear on the show soon? Little Jake Weary is going to debut on TV on November 11.So get ready for a great Digest coming your way….

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