October 22, 2003

2:37 PM Why Not The Naked Chef?Funny moment on today’s B&B (well, a few): First off, Oscar (who we’re trying not to call Rafe in our heads….) tells a lackey to make sure the lights are OK in Oz — because Macy was put in a coma when the chandelier fell. We had a giggle because that must mean he fired the old lighting director, who was played by Digest’s Devin Owens the day Macy got hit. Clearly, Devin has left the lighting career behind and decided to write about soaps…. Later on, we couldn’t help but think that Nick’s kitchen is an utter health hazard. Jackie wandered right over to the lit stove with gorgeous white sleeves a-flappin’ and Nick himself used a cutting knife as a spatula — then waved it at his mom to make a point about something. Somebody better make sure they have a first-aid kit in the room.In other news, ATWT editor Jennifer got back from a set visit on Mondy, and saw some interesting sights, and overheard a few even more weird things. Reports Jen: “I can’t reveal much about what was happening because it won’t air until early December, but I can say there was a special guest for a special event. And I did overhear one odd tidbit: apparently, there was an actual live elephant on the set recently. I’ve been trying to track down some information on what it was doing there, so far to no avail. One of Katie’s elaborate dream sequences? Aaron runs off and joins the circus? Lily takes the kids to the petting zoo? I guess we’ll find out soon enough.” Keep checking in here, ’cause we’d like to know what’s with the pachyderm in Oakdale!9:50 AM Changing TeamsYup, it’s true: Tracy Melchior (below) has been let go from the role of Kelly on OLTL after just about four months there. We liked her in other roles, but just weren’t sure she ever fit as perky, free-spirited Kelly — and noted that the writers had definitely changed the tone of the character since she left for Texas. So who’ll be taking that slot?We hear it may just be our good Y&R friend, Heather Tom (r.), who’s leaving the role of Victoria soon. Now, when we ran into Tom at the recent Digest St. Jude party, she was a little coy about what she’d be doing after departing the show. We chatted with her about making that long flight from L.A. to N.Y., and we asked: Will she be doing more of that in the near future? She told us that she just might be. So we poked a little more and asked: What about OLTL? Would she move out here for a chance at Llanview? And that’s when she got cagey and said she hadn’t heard anything about it. Hmmm…Hey, they’re not called actors for nothing! Stay tuned for the full scoop in the upcoming Digest Late Breaking News section — including a goodbye interview with Ms. Melchior, for whom we wish nothing but the best!

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