October 21, 2003

4:45 PM In My RoomAnd now, it’s that time again: Another chance to peep into a star’s dressing room — of course, when they’re there and looking, so we can’t go pawing through drawers or nothin’, but in the upcoming Digest (issue date November 4, on sale October 28) there’s a lovely visit to the candle-strewn, plant-filled room of GH’s Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth). Notes the actress, “When I came on the show six years ago, I didn’t do anything to my dressing room. It took me six years to just get a clock!” But clearly, things have changed. Be sure to pick up the issue for more pictures, but this one’s exclusive to the blog!And that’s it for today! More tomorrow — assuming the computers are behaving…..1:20 PM Decisions, DecisionsSorry, folks, for the delay in the blog — though we suspect you’ll sympathize with the vagaries of making a computer work all the time, every time! But fortunately, we’re back on line with a very special opportunity … get this:Have you ever wanted to cast a feature film … with your favorite soap stars? Well, here’s your chance! Get a backstage pass into the world of motion pictures at publicfilmworks.com. Corbin Bernsen (ex-Todd, Y&R; real life son of Y&R’s Jeanne Cooper, Katherine) is on the team bringing the movie 3 Day Test to life — and that’s the idea! Go to publicfilmworks.com, click on “The Soap Project” and submit your casting ideas!Phew! More soon….

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