Mount Laurel Festival

Want a chance to see your favorite stars in person? This summer, the Mount Laurel Festival in the Poconos will give you that chance, thanks to DAYS OF OUR LIVES’s Matthew Ashford (Jack) and his wife, Christina. “Christina and I had an opportunity to set this up through our good friend who is the musical director at Mt. Laurel Festival,” explains the actor. “He came to us and asked what we thought about a soap night. A lot of people have sung a little bit at various things, but how many people have done a cabaret? It’s a beautiful facility that seats 500 and allows the actors to do a 55 minute set.”But there’s also a worthy cause attached to the event. “It’s a job and a percentage at the door goes to Retinoblastoma International, which was part of our deal. The event will go on throughout the summer and depending on the response, may continue into the fall. It will become an ongoing fundraising. I feel like so many people in daytime have so many talents that they haven’t been able to show and now can show them in a whole other arena and I’m all for that. I think it will be very entertaining and fun.” In addition to Ashford, Ricky Paull Goldin (Gus, GL), Catherine Hickland (Lindsay, OLTL), Tamara Tunie (Jessica, ATWT), Vanita Harbour (Dara, GH) Kevin Spirtas (ex-Craig, DAYS), Paul Anthony Stewart (Danny, GL) and Bruce Michael Hall (Joey, OLTL) will also perform. Call 570-588-5959 for more information.

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