My Look With Gina Tognoni

Credit: JPI

What fashion item is currently on your must-have list?

“Ripped jeans. It’s all the craze again! Especially in white.”

What’s the last great purchase you made?

“Cappuccino/espresso machine for our new kitchen. I’m hoping it will clean my windows, too.”

What trend are you incorporating into your wardrobe?

“More crop-style tops.”

What new product are you using that you love?

“Living Proof Shampoo. Thanks, [spokesperson] Jennifer Aniston!”

How do you pamper yourself?

“Massages — and then more massages.”

What’s your go-to drugstore buy?

“Covergirl makeup.”

Whose style inspires you?

“Gucci, Ralph Lauren and Valentino.”

What’s your favorite wardrobe item in your closet?

“This crazy little puffy foldable jacket. When I travel, it can double as a pillow and fit into anything I’m carrying on the plane. Perfect for each coast!”