Llanview's 10 Most Wanted Page 2

No. 4: Allison Perkins
Played By: Barbara Garrick (1986-87; 2001-03)
Prime Evil: Okay, we buy that she was brainwashed by Mitch Laurence in 1986, when she kidnapped Jessica. But she was on her own in 2001 when she came back to reveal she’d switched the babies — and the “real Jess” was Natalie. And nobody had to persuade her to kidnap Viki’s alter Niki and Roxy and refuse to give up when the cops arrived, prompting a shootout in which Ben took a bullet. Nope — that was all Allison.

No. 5: Ursula Blackwell
Played By: Jill Larson (1988-89)
Prime Evil: In 1988, while Bo was being impersonated by Faux Bo (Patrick London, that is) in Llanview, the psychotic Ursula kept watch over the real Bo, his wife, Didi, and his ex, Delila. When Patrick was killed, she went over the edge and kidnapped Tina (twice!) and was rescued by Cord (twice!) and Max (once). Ursula went to the mental ward after the first kidnapping, but escaped after the second and had one last plan: Explosives in Cord and Tina’s wedding cake. It failed to bomb the bride or groom and took out Steve instead; Ursula got away.

No. 6: Alex Olanov
Played By: Tonja Walker Davidson (1990-97; 2001; 2002)
Prime Evil: A former special agent, Alex formed an unnatural attachment to Bo and paired up with Dorian to split him from Cassie in 1991. She faked a pregnancy via Bo (and was found out); she tried drowning Cassie, but failed — and then she brought out the big guns by locating Bo’s thought-dead wife Sarah and bringing her to his nups to Cassie.

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