Lesley-Anne Down: Mrs. Bubbles

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL’s Lesley-Anne Down explains why, try as they might, no one will ever burst Jackie’s bubble.

Soap Opera Weekly: Wasn’t it was great to have Jackie take over Spectra, giving her another stab at her professional dreams?
Lesley-Anne Down: It’s been quite fun, hasn’t it? It was a nice surprise.

Weekly: Jackie’s bathtub press conferences have been a real hoot. Were those fun to shoot?
Down: They’re kind of…dangerous (laughs), because they always shoot them at the end of the day. I don’t know about you, but I think baths are meant to make you relaxed — have a nice hot bath, get into your pajamas, get into bed. You’re not supposed to have a nice hot bath, get into your clothes, get into your car and then spend an hour and 15 minutes driving. I have to wind my windows down, slap myself in the face, just to keep awake.

Weekly: I’ll bet nobody considered that to be an “occupational hazard.”

Down: Personally, I don’t like baths. I only have showers, so I find the whole thing a little bit yucky (laughs). I’m like, “Ewwww.” And I’m very suspicious of what the bubbles are made of.

Weekly: Did you ask the prop department about them?
Down: I haven’t gotten an answer yet!

Weekly: I was wondering about the temperature of the water. The set is usually kept cool because of the hot lights and other equipment.
Down: I don’t know how they manage to keep the water so warm, but they actually do. Which is very nice, I have to say. It does stay pretty toasty, which is why I’m nodding off on the drive home.

Weekly: There’s definitely a recurring theme brewing here, with Jackie and all of these bathtub scenes. It’s almost an inside joke: First Jackie and Eric, then Jackie and Pam, then Jackie and Donna….
Down: Her middle is Bubbles! Jacqueline “Bubbles” Payne Marone!

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