It's The Splits

1968: A flashy, bubbly girl named Niki Smith started showing up at
Ernie’s, a dive bar on Llanview’s waterfront. People whispered about her
strong physical resemblance to Viki.

1969: On the day of her June wedding to Joe Riley, Viki’s alter, Niki,
emerged in the middle of the ceremony and fled the church. Vince Wolek
followed her out of town, causing her to panic when he asked her to
marry him. Viki re-emerged, returned to Llanview and wed Joe.

1972: Following Joe’s presumed death, Viki was prepared to tie the knot with Steve Burke. Steve’s secretary, Marcy Wade, was also in love with
Steve and tried to drive Viki to insanity by making it appear that Niki
had returned. She went so far as to don a wig and make appearances at
Ernie’s so that people would corroborate the story. Steve foiled Marcy’s
plans when he caught her dressed as Niki.
1985: Viki learned that her father, Victor Lord, had once bedded her
19-year-old friend Irene Manning, causing Niki to re-emerge, this time
wearing a red wig. Niki fooled everyone into thinking she was actually
Viki, even perfecting her signature. By the end of the year she had
divorced Clint.

1986: Niki left Llanview, but Clint found her hiding at a country inn and concocted a plan to get Viki back. He called Tina, asked her to meet him
for a romantic rendezvous at the inn, and arranged for Niki to walk in
on them just as it appeared they were about to have sex. Niki arrived
and the shocking scene brought back a healthy Viki.
1989: While in the lost city of Eterna with Roger Gordon, Viki learned
that in her youth, Niki gave birth to Roger’s child, Megan, and that
Victor hypnotized his daughter so that she would not remember.

1990: Niki re-emerged and killed Carlo’s son, Johnny Dee, when he tried to kidnap a pregnant Tina from Llanfair.

1991: Carlo injected Viki with a drug that made Niki emerge. His plan was to get Niki to kill Viki’s daughter Megan. Viki was able to exert enough
control over Niki, however, to prevent Megan’s murder. Bo and Alex
eventually found an antidote to Carlo’s drug and brought back Viki.
1995: Viki was convinced that Dorian was responsible for murdering her father. When confronted, Dorian said to keep quiet or else she’d go
public with the secret that Victor had sexually abused Viki as a little
girl. The trauma caused Viki to split into several new personalities,
including Tommy, Princess, Tori (pictured) and Jean. It was Jean who
locked Dorian in a room and told the world that Dorian had confessed to
Victor’s murder before leaving the country. Jean eventually released
Dorian, provided she kept the secret about Viki’s new personalities.
Later that year, a psychiatrist learned that it was the alter Tori who
had killed Victor.
2005: Viki discovered that her daughter Jessica had DID when she came
face-to-face with Jess’s alter, Tess.

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