Hutzler's Winning Vegas 'Touch'

Soap Opera Weekly: Is it true that the LAS VEGAS producers specifically sought you for the role?
Brody Hutzler: Yes. That was the coolest part. I got a message from the publicity department at DAYS OF OUR LIVES, saying that NBC wanted my agent’s information and other contact stuff. I was really excited.

Weekly: What was your reaction when you learned you’d be playing a masseur who “serviced” his clients?
Hutzler: I didn’t know that, at first. That was kind of after the fact. When I found out, I thought it was funny. I laughed, actually, because it’s such a common joke. But it’s usually the opposite; it’s usually a female masseuse.

Weekly: What was your take on the character? Did you see him as a sleazy bad guy?
Hutzler: No. He was just a misunderstood guy. He just wanted to help people, make his clients happy. He didn’t think he was doing anything wrong. He believed it was a mutual thing.

Weekly: Did you enjoy working with Vanessa Marcil?
Hutzler: I’d never met her before, but, obviously, I’d heard about her a lot. We met for a couple of minutes and talked before we started filming. She was great. Very nice and a cool person. Vanessa was the only one I got to work with, although my character supposedly had been massaging other women.

Weekly: Did you do anything to prepare for the role, like get a manicure, since your hands would be on display?
Hutzler: I didn’t get a manicure, but I did try not to bite my nails for a week (laughs). I didn’t box for a few days before filming, too, so I wouldn’t have any [bruises] on my hands. I did lotion up before filming. I was going to get a tan, too, but you can only do so much. I was exhausted!

Weekly: What was it like being on the LAS VEGAS lot?
Hutzler: It wasn’t the first time I was there. Funny enough, I shot a movie on that lot. It was called Totally Blonde. I shot it three years ago.

Weekly:Did you get to meet any of the other stars of the show?
Hutzler: No, but I already knew Josh Duhamel (Danny), so I was excited to see him. Josh and I play basketball in a league, the MBA Entertainment League. James Lesure (Mike) is in it, too, although he wasn’t on-set the day I was filming.

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