Hey, Daddy-O

In honor of Father’s Day on June 21, Digest chatted with real-life pop Bradley Cole (Jeffrey, GL) about his adorable offspring.
Soap Opera Digest: How are your kiddos these days?

Bradley Cole: They’re great. My little boy [Sean] will be 3 in July and my little girl [Maya] just turned three months, so this will be her first Father’s Day. I’m hoping she’ll get me something nice [laughs].

Digest: Do you like being pampered on Father’s Day?

Cole: It’s a nice day. I always enjoy it. and enjoy spending time with my own father. It’s a special day and being a father is even better. I’ve only had the experience for two years. Maybe they’ll make me waffles or something in the morning. We’ll see what happens!

Digest: What does Sean think about his new sister?

Cole: He loves her. He’s a good big brother. He gives her her binky and kisses her and is just such a good kid, though I’m sure when we leave the room he’s like trying to strangle her [laughs]!

Digest: Do you notice a difference in being a dad to a little girl?

Cole: Well, she is just this blob of human flesh right now who poops and sleeps and is getting fatter by the day so there’s nothing really to report at this point [laughs] I’m very interested to see who Maya is going to be.

Digest: What’s Sean’s personality like?

Cole: He’s a character. He is who he is already. It’s so exciting to watch that. [My wife] Yoko comes from a place in Japan called the Kansai region and it’s known for the people being very comedic and cracking jokes — bad jokes — but jokes, all the time. Sean definitely takes after her in that way. He’s a joker and loves to laugh. He sees humor in everything. He laughs at his father a lot, especially!Digest: Sounds like he’s a handful. Any embarrassing moments that have come along with being father to toddler?

Cole: We have learned the hard way that you can’t really go out to eat in restaurants and stuff, but we do anyway even though we know it’s going to be a nightmare! You can’t ask a 3-year-old to just sit there and be polite. That doesn’t exist. Everyone says it’s the “terrible twos” and we were just talking to some friends whose kid just turned three and they said, “Oh, yeah. Three is worse!”

Digest: What’s your favorite thing to do with your kids?

Cole: I like to sit down at the piano and whenever I do, Sean crawls underneath and gets on the stool next to me. So I love playing the piano with him. He’s pretty good! He’s getting the hang of it. It’s a lot of fun.

Digest: Do you read to him?

Cole: Yeah. He likes the Dr. Seuss books and I liked that stuff when I was a kid, too, especially the Cat In The Hat. He likes it because it’s weird and out there, and he’s kind of weird and out there, too [laughs]!

Digest: Do you ever worry that you’re becoming your own father?

Cole: I am my father! We all become our parents in the end. When I was a younger adult, I thought I was so different but now here I am with my wife and two children and, you know, just trying to be the best father I can and I think that’s what he was trying to do, too.