Hang On Snoopy!

The beloved Peanuts comic strip, created by the late Charles Schulz, will celebrate its 60th anniversary this year and Ashley Jones (Bridget, r.) shares how she is participating in the celebration for charity.Soap Opera Digest: You’ve been named a Snoopy Ambassador. How did that happen?

Ashley Jones: Some people with Peanuts approached my agent about getting clean cut, approachable celebrities of different ages to represent their brand. My agent suggested me because of BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL’s international popularity and I’m just so thrilled about it. I’m keeping the word out on how great Snoopy and the whole Peanuts concept is. They’re timeless and known all over the world. It’s such a great image for me to be associated with.

Digest: What will your duties be?

Jones: There will be some big events coming up, like for pediatric AIDS, so I’ll be going to a few places.

Digest: Tell us about these special T-shirts.

Jones: There’s a couple of charity shirts right now. For girls, they can buy them at places like Forever 21. The T-shirts are are great because they look vintage and are so soft. They’re really cute. I know the guys shirts are adorable as well. They’re really cool and inexpensive and part of the proceeds go to Boys & Girls Clubs of America. That’s such a Charlie Brown kind of good deed!

Digest: It’s hard to believe that Peanuts is 60 years old.

Jones: It’s interesting, because as I was writing in my mom’s card for her 60th birthday, I thought, “Oh, I wonder what happened in 1950?” And that was the first year that the Peanuts comic strip first came out in seven papers.

Digest: It seems like a new generation is always discovering Peanuts.

Jones: I know! It’s such a nostalgic thing for baby boomers but also a really fun new thing for anyone. I sent a big stuffed Snoopy to my niece, who is 5, and she loves it. It’s just really good, clean fun. Babies to grandparents know the characters. I feel so honored to be part of this.

Digest: Who is your favorite Peanuts character?

Jones: I associate really well with Lucy because she reminds me of myself. I was pretty bossy when I was little. I was really bossy with my little brother like she was with Linus. I think what’s so beautiful about Peanuts is that there’s a character for everyone to relate to. Charlie Brown is the everyman. He’s approachable and the underdog.

Digest: And everyone has seen the classic cartoons like IT’S THE GREAT PUMPKIN, CHARLIE BROWN and A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS.

Jones: The cartoons are really fun and there’s so many. I just recently watched some of their seasonal specials and the DVDs are great for kids and adults. The Easter one is just adorable and next up is an Independence Day one. They’re slightly updated for today’s generation but you would feel like you’re watching the originals. They’re such a part of our pop culture. I wished they would do a animated feature with Peanuts like Shrek.