Gus and Harley: Simply Irresistible

Soap Opera Weekly: You seemed to be two of the evening’s most surprised winners.

Ricky Paull Goldin: (Joking) Looked good, didn’t it? We faked it.

Beth Ehlers: We were shocked! First of all, I forgot that it was happening. I thought it was a Web thing: You had to go online and then you could see the results.

Goldin: Or that they’d say, “The winner was those guys…”

Ehlers: …during the commercial break or something. So, when I was standing backstage getting ready to present and Laura [Wright, Cassie] and Gina [Tognoni, Dinah] announced we were one of the final three, I was standing back there jumping up and down with Rick Hearst [Ric, GENERAL HOSPITAL; ex-Alan-Michael, GL]. And I walked out and found Ricky immediately in the audience and I was like, “You and me, you and me!” And then I forgot it again. We were sitting in our chairs thinking, “Boy, I hope they have some soup at this party afterward.” And the camera guy came over and asked, “Are you Ricky and Beth?” And I turned to Ricky and said, “Should we prepare something in case we win this thing?” And he goes, “Oh, please, we’re never going to win.” Within five seconds it was [announced]: “Harley and Gus from GUIDING LIGHT.” Literally, I asked, “We have to go onstage?” And then we got up, and I said to Mark Collier (Mike, AS THE WORLD TURNS), “We have to say something?” It was just one thing after the next, but it was fun. There is nothing bad about winning.

Goldin: Except that we got the silent treatment from [fellow nominees] Maura West and Michael Park (Carly and Jack, ATWT).

Weekly: What has made the Gus and Harley pairing a success with fans?

Ehlers: We don’t think we’re a typical soap couple. We are pretty irreverent and funny most of the time, and he breaks my heart the rest of the time.