GH's Devious, Dastardly Docs

1. Ryan Chamberlain: In 1992, pediatrician Ryan met Felicia in Texas and developed quite a fatal attraction, eventually following her to Port Charles. Unfortunately, Felicia began to remember why they broke up: He was off his rocker. Spurned, the demented doc tried to blow up Mac and Felicia’s wedding, escaped from jail and kidnapped baby Georgie. He ended up deep-fried in a fire in 1995, but “returned” periodically to mock tortured twin Kevin Collins in the mirror.

2. Kevin O’Connor: From 1985-’96, Dr. Kevin’s choir-boy exterior was just a cover for a string of murders he committed, starting in his hometown of Laurelton. When lady love Terry discovered that he’d been hypnotizing her into thinking she committed the murders, the two struggled. Kevin fell to his death after Terry hit him with a rock and he sank like a stone.3. Asher Thomas: When fan outcry nixed the 2005 story about little Michael Corinthos turning killer and suffocating his own father, AJ, it was Michael’s shrink, Dr. Thomas, who picked up the slack — and the pillow. Viewers learned that Dr. Thomas also helped along Jason’s brain damage 10 years ago. Dr. Thomas killed AJ and nosy Rachel and almost snuffed Jason before drawing his own last breath in the Quartermaine living room.

4. Pierce Dorman: From 1996-’97, this doc dealt drugs — the kind you get without a prescription. After an affair with Monica turned sour, Dorman retaliated by suing Monica for sexual harassment and getting her daughter Emily hooked on drugs. Then Dorman murdered his accomplice, Nurse Marilyn, to cover up that she shot Sonny full of heroin. He also spilled to the press that AJ had driven the car in the accident that left Jason brain-damaged. Dastardly Dorman was killed in the GH morgue by the Tin Man, a henchman of vengeful drug kingpin Hernando Rivera.
5. Alan Quartermaine: Adulterous Alan has been one of PC’s most prominent — and philandering — physicians since 1977, but he is best remembered for rigging a roof to collapse on wife Monica and her lover, Rick Webber, and stalking them at a cabin in 1980. A devastating drug addiction nearly ruined his career in the 1990s.

6. Rachel Adair: This pixie-like pediatrician popped into PC in 2005 to help AJ torment ex-wife Courtney. Unfortunately, after helping frame the former Mrs. Q for murder and trying to steal her new man, Jax, Rachel wound up dead at the hands of spurious shrink Dr. Thomas, because she’d witnessed his dirty dealings.

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