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GH: Nurses’ Ball Preview

Credit: Lynn Herring "General Hospital" Set Nurse's Ball 2015 The Prospect Studios ABC Studios 03/26/15 © Howard Wise/ 310-657-9661

The 2017 Nurses’ Ball kicks off on GH on Monday, May 22, featuring glamour, glitz, musical performances and some major intrigue as several storylines come to a head. “I just love the ball,” says Lynn Herring (Lucy), whose character has been integral to its goings-on since its inception in 1994. “This year is better than last year, I think — last year was great, too, but I think there is more story happening around the tables and backstage, so for viewers who are looking forward to the culmination of some stories and the kickoff to other stories, it’s just great, and the opening and closing numbers are two of the best we’ve ever done.” In terms of drama, expect plenty of it, with Jake poised to perform a magic act that is far from innocent, given that chimera canister inside his kit. With the chimera also stirring things up on the Valentin/Anna front, “The thing I think we are all anticipating is the different factions all realizing that they are following the same thread [regarding] the chimera’s meaning and purpose,” previews Co-Head Writer Jean Passanante. Praises Herring, “I was just over the moon with how everything turned out, and there are some really poignant things that bring us back to the dignity of what the Nurses’ Ball has always meant,” bringing awareness to and raising funds for HIV and AIDS-related causes. “This year was really, really special.”