Digest's Edmund & Maria Covers Page 3

August 20, 2002: All the players feeling the fallout from Maria’s return — David (the doc who drugged her), Anna (his horrified wife), Maria (the amnesiac), Edmund (the reeling husband) and Brooke (the pending wife/Maria spotter) — dished the dramatic potential of the potboiler. Barr summed it up perfectly: “It’s a weird situation.”

November 19, 2002: Maria stood up at David’s arraignment and shouted, “I remember!” But it was just a ploy designed to trick him into confessing. Maria wouldn’t truly recover from her David-induced amnesia until May, 2003.

May 20, 2003: La Rue and Callahan exulted over the long-awaited return of Maria’s memory. “It’s a big payoff,” promised Callahan. “And it’s been a long time coming.” La Rue couldn’t have agreed more: Playing the amnesiac “Maureen,” she said, “has been the toughest eight months of my working life.”

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