Click, Extra! Tomy Dumster (Juan Pablo)

“That is so difficult. I remember once when I was 17 years old, I was visiting a small town near Buenos Aires. I was walking around the park and I saw a beautiful and sexy woman riding her bicycle. So I said, ‘I just have to talk to her,’ you know? She gave me her telephone number. We started a romantic, very great love story. But one day, after two years, she disappeared. I don’t know why. So I was crazy in love for her, and I said, ‘Why she disappeared?’ And I lose contact with her. So I call her mother, and the only thing she knew was that she moved to live in Brazil, to Brazil, far away from Buenos Aires, two thousand and five hundred miles from Buenos Aires. So I decide to come there, with 55 dollars in my pocket and a picture of her. I went down to Brazil, yes, it took me like a week to get to that place. Half local buses, half — how do you say? — hitchhiking, and I get to that place. It was a small fisher town, fisherman town, outside of Brazil, and I start to ask the people, ‘Do you know this girl? You met this girl sometime?’ I get a guy who says, ‘Yes! I knew her! She works every night on a small street corner [on] Broadway.’ So I start to walk to walk up and down, up and down Broadway St. until I find her, so we continue our love story.”The audience’s laughter, prompted in part by Rebecca Budig’s (Greenlee) incredulous expression and her interjection to ask him if he’s making the story up, drowns out the rest of the story.

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