Catching up With...Y&R's Tom Hallick

Original THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS cast member Tom Hallick (Brad Eliot) looks back on his time in Genoa City and catches up fans on what he’s been doing since his 1978 departure.

“I was a psychiatrist and neurosurgeon,” on Y&R chuckles Hallick. “The most fun part was when he was blind because I could sit out and stare and read the cue cards.”

Hallick spent much of his time on Y&R working opposite Deidre Hall (ex-Barbara; Marlena, DAYS OF OUR LIVES). “She was a sweet gal,” recalls Hallick. “She was my nurse on Y&R and then they let her go and she got that plumb job on DAYS and the rest is history.”

The pair was reunited (sort of) in 1984 when Hallick joined DAYS as Maxwell Hathaway. “When I was on DAYS [my character] never had any interaction with her, but I saw her a lot.”

Old friends notwithstanding, Hallick’s transition to DAYS was anything but pleasant. “I left [Y&R] and NBC offered me more money. That’s when I learned that if you’re hot on one show, they would try to get you off that show and pay you a pile of money. They put me in a nighttime deal and I didn’t get a series,” he says. “As a consolation prize they gave me DAYS and that was short-lived.”

Since the disappointment at DAYS, “I was in two of the worst movies ever made, Freddy Got Fingered with Tom Green and Drew Barrymore. Worst piece of crap ever put on celluloid,” he laughs. “And the another picture called The Back Lot Murderers. The worst thing is that they put them on Showtime and they run forever and everybody gets to see them,” Hallick smiles.

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