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AMC's Walt Willey: "We Have Our First Proposal"

Walt Willey (Jack, AMC), who is in Chicago doing a comedy appearance, updates Soap Opera Digest on Prospect Park's efforts to bring AMC and OLTL to the Internet:
"Tuesday night, Prospect Park presented their first proposal on this. I’ve only barely scanned the thing because I’m in Chicago doing press, so I don’t fully know the content, but I know this much: Here we go! Obviously, they are going to do this thing. This is an initial step of working out [talent contracts] with AFTRA under the new media [umbrella]. But here we have our first proposal, and I imagine it will go back and forth like all agreements do; you say this, we say that, and we meet somewhere and off we go. I’m very excited about it. These folks are innovators and I think they are very smart. I think that getting this up and running by fall was a little on the undoable side, but now it seems that both AMC and ONE LIFE will be starting up on the Internet at the same time in January 2012."

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