Alison Sweeney To Appear In Tournament Of Roses Parade

Pasadena native Alison Sweeney (Sami, DAYS) will be riding with the knights of the royal court of Medieval Times in the 125th Annual Tournament of Roses Parade, airing tomorrow, New Year's Day, at 11 a.m. ET/8 a.m. ET on NBC. "I am so excited!" enthuses the accomplished equestrian. "They let me pick my horse, which was so cool. I had a costume fitting and [daughter] Megan came in and saw my costume and she said, 'Mommy, I love your dress!' And I said, 'That's Queen Mommy to you [laughs]!' " Sweeney had a practice run earlier this month. "It's a very different style of riding than what I do. I have never ridden an Andalusian. Those are the famous Spanish horses that are so beautiful and so well trained, and I put a video of me riding him on Instagram where he's kicking his feet up really high, which is the Spanish Walk, which is a dressage move and sort of fancy. I have never ridden a horse that can do something like that, so I was like a little kid. It was the coolest thing!"