Carson Boatman Summer Vacation

Credit: Courtesy of Carson Boatman

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Destinations: Lake of the Ozarks, MO, Waukee, IA and Eastern Sierra Mountains, CA

Why There: “My family has a lake house [in Lake of the Ozarks], so it’s always been a go-to for summertime. Waukee, IA is where I grew up and where my parents still live. The Eastern Sierras are only a few hours from L.A ., but it feels so far away and secluded once you get there. It’s a great getaway for us.”

Travel Companions: “For the first, Julana, my wife, my brother, sister, parents, grandparents, and of course our dogs, Willie and Annabelle. For the second, Julana, both our families, and all of our friends! For the last, Julana, our camping buddies, and our dogs.”