Tune-In Alert!

Tune-In Alert! GRAND HOTEL Premieres Tonight

Grand Hotel cast

Credit: ABC

ABC’s new summer drama, GRAND HOTEL, premieres tonight at 10 p.m. ET. The series, which takes place in Miami Beach, stars soap alums Roselyn Sanchez (Gigi; ex-Pillar, AS THE WORLD TURNS), Bryan Craig (Javi; ex-Morgan, GH), Eva Longoria (Beatriz; ex-Isabella, Y&R), who also serves as executive producer, and Denyse Tontz (Alicia; ex-Miranda, ALL MY CHILDREN). “There are a lot of bombshells. There’s no shortage of plot twists,” teases Tontz in the new issue of Digest. “A lot of these characters start out a certain way and then you find yourself completely changing your opinion of them halfway through the season. Without giving too much away, nobody is really who they appear to be.”