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Tracy Gold: Relive The Life And Times Of GH’s Original Ice Princess


Credit: ABC

With Jane Elliot checking back in to GH this week as Tracy Quartermaine, take a look back at Tracy’s ups and downs.

1978: Tracy, the entitled and combative daughter of wealthy Edward and Lila Quartermaine, arrived in Port Charles and set her sights on Assistant District Attorney Mitch Williams (who was secretly in league with the mob). Her competition? Susan Moore, Heather Webber’s cousin (and Jason’s future birth mom).

1979: Tracy learned that her brother, Alan, was expecting a baby with his wife, Monica. Hoping to secure the inheritance of her son, Ned, Tracy sought to prove that Alan wasn’t the true daddy-to-be. In order to safeguard her own inheritance, she lured Mitch (now a candidate for state Senate) into marriage. Soon, she caught him in bed with Susan.

1980: Tracy filed a paternity suit against Monica, suspecting that the real daddy of Alan, Jr. (A.J.) was Rick Webber. This infuriated Edward, who revised his will to disinherit her (after testing her loyalty by faking a heart attack to see if she would fetch his medication; she failed). She left town in disgrace with Mitch.

1989: Tracy (now divorced from Mitch) returned to town and, armed with the knowledge that her former hubby, Larry (Ned’s pop), was actually not the true Ashton heir, blackmailed him into sharing in the bounty he hoped would result from finding a valuable artifact known as the Dragon Bone.

1990: Tracy’s beau David McAllister was murdered; she was the prime suspect and hired Scott as her attorney. They became lovers. She also became CEO of ELQ.

1991: Tracy fell hard for Paul Hornsby and married him, unaware that he was secretly working as part of a criminal cartel seeking to bilk her of her shares in ELQ. She also celebrated the return of presumed-dead Edward.

1992: Tracy refused to divorce Paul, who was pining for Jenny, even after she discovered his true motives for marrying her, and hired Marco Dane to dig up dirt on Jenny. She also gave birth to Dillon, her son with Paul.

1993: Paul and Jenny leveraged their dirt on Tracy (she was the hit-and-run driver who struck Jenny with her car) to secure his divorce from Ms. Q. Edward ordered her out of the house, so Tracy moved to Europe with Dillon.

1996: Tracy blew back into P.C. and teamed up with Jax to take over ELQ. Their efforts failed and she once again left town in disgrace — but not before playing a key role in the bust-up of Ned and Lois’s marriage. Later, Tracy arrived in New York City (on THE CITY) and tried to blackmail Sydney Chase for big bucks. Ms. Chase gave her 212 Greene St. — and its hefty bill for back taxes.

1997: Tracy lured mafioso Gino Soleito into marriage (much to the chagrin of his suspicious daughter, Carla), but hired a hooker to pose as her to consummate the union. Gino died in bed; Tracy hid the corpse and became the new head of the Soleito organization. After falling on hard times again, Tracy arranged for a (failed) robbery of the Q mansion.

2003: Tracy came home to P.C. and tried to blackmail Skye with the knowledge that she was not a biological Quartermaine. Tracy also worked to split up Dillon and Georgie and partnered with Jax to open a casino.

2004: Tracy battled Edward for the CEO gig and came out victorious when Dillon cast the deciding vote (to stop his mom from making nudie pics of Georgie public). Tracy blackmailed Jax into a brief engagement and irked her kin by testifying against Skye in a murder trial. Lila died in her sleep; Tracy mourned and vied unsuccessfully to be Felicia’s pick to receive Lila’s fortune. Tracy helped open Edward’s eyes to his new wife, Heather’s, machinations.

2005: Luke got Tracy liquored up in Vegas and they woke up married. He agreed to divorce her for $15 million. She refused, so he planted Coleman in her bed to make it look like she was an adulterer — but Luke got jealous when Tracy took an actual shine to Coleman. The spouses grew close, but when he voted against her in the latest CEO vote at ELQ, she was livid.

2006: Tracy briefly faked her death to teach Luke a lesson. He made Tracy his partner at The Haunted Star casino and they rescheduled a vow renewal, but he left her at the altar when his ex, Holly, needed a rescue. Tracy counseled Lulu through her unplanned pregnancy by Dillon. Tracy granted Luke a divorce so that he could renew his vows with Laura, who had temporarily emerged from a catatonic state, but on the day of the ceremony, Luke declared his love for Tracy. 

2007: Tracy’s beloved brother, Alan, succumbed to a heart attack. She and Luke plotted to revise Alan’s will in their favor, but Alan’s ghost began haunting her, resulting in a stay at Shadybrook. Tracy tried to protect Lulu, who had gotten involved with mobster Johnny. 

2008: Tracy filed a malpractice suit against Monica, who performed heart surgery on Luke while still awash in grief over Alan’s death and Emily’s murder. Monica briefly evicted Tracy from the mansion, but Tracy blackmailed her way back in. Luke worked overtime to win back Tracy.

2009: Tracy tried to keep Luke from finding out that Ethan was his son (by Holly), but eventually supported the development of their father/son relationship.

2010: Helena held Tracy hostage in Greece; she was near death by the time Luke rescued her. Tracy was furious when Luke confessed that their Las Vegas marriage wasn’t legal and kicked him to the curb. He worked his way back into her good graces. At year’s end, they married for real.

2011: Tracy took a hard stance when Luke’s drinking spiraled out of control. Tracy resented Michael’s presence at ELQ. Mafioso Anthony blackmailed Tracy by threatening to expose her Soleito mob ties (and mob money going into the ELQ coffers back in the day). 

2012: With no other options (and after Luke granted her a divorce), Tracy wed Anthony. Tracy caught a break when someone (Johnny) murdered Anthony, but her plans to reconcile with Luke went haywire when she discovered that he and Anna had become lovers. On the rebound, Tracy had a fling with mobster Joe Scully, Jr. Her life was forever changed when Edward died; he bequeathed her only a jar of Pickle-Lila, her late mother’s relish.Tracy entered into a vicious battle for control of ELQ against A.J.

2013: A.J. and Tracy’s war over ELQ (and the Pickle-Lila recipe) escalated, but Tracy kept the CEO gig. She also rescued Luke, who was suffering from polonium poisoning, on Cassadine Island.

2014: Tracy married Luke at the Nurses’ Ball, unaware that a dark aspect of his personality (known to some as “Fluke”) had taken over his psyche and was plotting to destroy her (and worse). 

2015: Tracy supported Luke through the recovery of the childhood trauma behind his personality change, but declined to remarry him (their previous union having been annulled). Tracy welcomed Dillon home. Brokenhearted after Luke left town, she fell into bed with ex-hubby Paul. She was disgusted when she caught him in bed with Ava.

2016: Tracy survived a worm infestation in her brain. She developed a strong bond with her doctor, Hamilton Finn, and a soft spot for his love interest, Hayden. Her relationship with Monica deepened when Mon was attacked by serial killer Paul.

2017: Tracy fought to save G.H. when it was in danger of being sold and turned into condos. When Larry returned to town with news pertaining to Edward, she took Laura on a mission to Turkey and returned with a valuable painting that her father had purchased for her, along with a letter in which he made it clear that he loved her. Tracy did some soul-searching and after nearly falling victim to Larry’s latest get-rich-quick scheme, decided to leave Port Charles.