Tequan Richmond

Tequan Richmond is now off-contract at GH, and though he remains on recurring status, he hasn't been able to pop in lately as TJ because he was filming a movie in Michigan (in which he both stars and serves as a producer); before that, he shot a Showtime pilot, THE CHI, in Chicago. "I have things lined up a little bit, which is great, but I hope that when I get back [to California], maybe I can come in and do a few days [at GH]," he tells Digest. "It would be cool if they sprinkle me in because I'm sure people would like to see Molly and TJ again and Shawn — we never got to continue that storyline — so of course I would love to do that." He adds that he appreciates the support from GH fans. "I get these Tweets all the time like, 'How come TJ wasn't here, how come TJ wasn't there,' " he reports. "It's very sweet." For more with the actor, currently in contention for the Outstanding Younger Actor Daytime Emmy, check out an upcoming issue of Soap Opera Digest.