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Tanner Novlan Shares His Fitness Tips

How do you stay fit during the pandemic? “I am so naturally not a ‘gym rat’, as they call it. Some people really like doing the three-hour gym routine; I’ve never really been that way, so pre-pandemic, I would try and do classes. Cycle House is a small gym in L.A. that would whip my butt into shape. Not being someone who necessarily loves to work out, I’d schedule something, and that would make me go. Now, with Covid, I’ve had to find a buddy, a workout friend, and schedule that and keep myself accountable. I definitely struggle like everybody else!”

What has been your fitness routine during quarantine? “High-intensity circuit training, that’s what I’ve found works best for me. So in the backyard, I have a few free weights and set up little circuits, and that’s what I do — a lot of core work, a lot of lunges with free weights, but combining exercises. So, you go into a lunge and then you do a curl and a shoulder press and repeat. Being able to have stations that switch it up so you’re not necessarily just doing one exercise at a time is great. And having a buddy helps. Competition drives me, so if I have one of my buddies over and we’re working out together and he does a set of 10 and I do a set of 11, well, I feel pretty good about myself [laughs].”

What’s a typical day of eating for you? “I find that protein in the morning works well for me, so I usually have a light egg breakfast, something simple with greens, and then I usually have a good, solid lunch and then try to take it easy on dinner before I go to bed. I do eat a lot of salads. Luckily, here in LA, we are able to get good fruits and vegetables year-round. I’m trying to eat less meat and eat more vegetables. I’m not a big snacker; I try and eat three complete meals.”

Any suggestions for fitness beginners? “Know your body. Coming from a hockey background, I know how hard I can physically push my body. It’s all about small increments. Maybe you don’t get to where you wanted to get to that day…. That’s okay. It’s okay if you did your best. Pushing though when you think you’re at your max, and you push just a little bit more, knowing if your body can handle it, that’s important.”

Tanner’s Top Three Tips

•“Don’t go too crazy on either end of the spectrum. Don’t try to be so healthy that you’re not enjoying life and what food is, but not overindulging is very important.”

• “Know your dressing, especially if you don’t make it yourself and you order a salad. At a lot of places, the calories are more than what [ordering] the pizza might be! I like a simple balsamic vinaigrette.”

• “Waterloo [sparkling water] is a fantastic substitution for soda. A lot of them have zero sugars so I’m able to substitute it if I want a sweet drink.”