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Take Five With Wayne Brady (Reese, B&B)


Credit: CBS

What is your favorite comfort food? “Easy. Ice cream. Anyone who knows me knows that ice cream is my thing. Milkshakes, caramel sea salt in particular.”

Do you have any phobias? “I’m not a fan of heights — and I love the water, but I am afraid of what I cannot see in the water.”

How do you pass the time while flying? “Either reading, because that’s a good time to catch up, or music or playing video games. Those are my go-to modes, and it’s been that way since I was a kid.”

Which iconic entertainer have you always admired? “Sammy Davis, Jr. I feel that Sammy is the person who, in a way, I’ve tried to emulate in terms of being a Swiss Army knife in terms of entertainment.”

What’s the first concert you ever went to? “Easy. It was 1992 at Universal Studios in Orlando when I was working there. MTV had a summer concert with C+C Music Factory, and a number of other acts on the bill. I was so stoked.”